Xmas by the Bay (Day 1 of 4)

Four days off and the forecast of sun:  that’s all the encouragement I needed.  Plus Xmas is my birthday and I have a tradition of celebrating by being on the road.  Off to sunny but chilly SanFran.  Temps in the 50s and 40s at night.  That’s about 20 degrees colder than it is in SoCal.  But, yes, I remember those long winters in NYC all too well.  Throwing balls for dogs on 18 degree mornings in the rain in Prospect Park.  Not missing that.

I started the trip in Salinas and then had some other stops in the South Bay (San Jose, Sunnyvale, etc.).  I didn’t get to San Francisco until afternoon.  Shooting days are short since the sun gives out around 4pm.  But I got quite a lot — and blasted have blasted through about 90% of the SF list today (I’m a day behind in blog-posting).  So, let’s get to it.  And a quick reminder:  all the photos open to a bigger photo when they’re clicked upon.

A former Sambo’s in Sunnyvale.  Not the prettiest recycling project — but at least they didn’t try to box up the fun roofline:



A former Orange Julius in Redwood City with a remuddled front.  There would have been a walk-up counter jutting out under that zigzag canopy (now walled up):



The Brentwood Bowl in South San Francisco with its pretty, scripty neon:


In context:



On to San Fran for the duration of this post.  Wonderful plastic sign at the Geneva Steakhouse.  I assume the meat & veggies on the skewer were all hand cut.  What a fun day at the sign shop, no?



This is the “Goodin” side of the Goodin Realty sign.  The other sign reads “Realty” in yellow and red:



The sun wasn’t helping me here — but, hey, it’s just my blog.  The photos don’t have to be perfect, right?  I may go back for this guy again tomorrow:



The 9th Avenue Liquor store:



This sign is impossible to shoot nicely since it’s on the south side of the street and never gets light.  We love you anyway, Norman!



I know most of you are here for the signs, but I’ll subject you to a little of SF’s wondrous Art Deco detailing:


The paint job really adds a lot.  And the sun:



And, although I’m a day late, Merry Xmas everyone from South San Fran!  That’s Santa & his reindeer on top of the See’s Candies factory building.  And, if you haven’t had See’s Candies, you’re really missing out on one of life’s wonders:




If I’m not too zonked, I’ll try to get you another post tomorrow night.  And for more photos from today — don’t forget the Flickr stream:

dj & the dogs

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