Day 13: California Stuff & the Roadtrip Wrap-up

OK — we’re finally here!  The final post for this trip.  Before I proceed with this batch of photos, here’s the math that a lot of you like to know.  I took more than 2,000 photos during these 13 days.  The majority of them will eventually be added to my website (

I logged about 6,026 miles on this trip.  Sparkle now has about 378,000 miles on her and didn’t so much as sneeze on this trip despite the daily pounding.  I covered most of Utah, Nevada, half of Idaho and a couple of days worth of Northern California.  I’m still exhausted!  I spent $1,508 on gas and got two oil changes.  I don’t keep track of food or hotel costs.  Let’s just say I’ll be paying for this trip for many months.

On with a sampling of the photos from the final day of the trip.  This hay bale tractor was in Dixon:



From Vacaville:


Lost in the trees below is what I think is an abstracted spur:



From Vallejo.  Next to impossible to shoot this one well since the property is surrounded by chain link:



Also in Vallejo:



From Pittsburg:



A couple of signs from Rio Vista:




And, finally, last photo for the day from Pleasanton:



I hope you enjoyed tagging along on this trip.  If you’d like to throw a few bucks my way to help pay for it, you can donate to my email address ( at:

This will be the big blow-out trip for the year.  I’m thinking of doing an Oregon & Washington trip around this time next year.  In the meantime, I’ll be blogging & Flickring some weekend trips here and there.  There’s a 4th of July, three-day weekend coming up.  So, the dogs and I will probably be doing a Sacramento or San Francisco area trip then.  In the meantime, I’ve got loads of photos from this trip waiting for you over at my Flickr account:
Happy trails!

Debra Jane & the dogs (Fix, Sputnik, Gremlin & Griswold)


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