Day 7: Boise & Beyond (more Idaho stuff)

Well, something happened midway through this trip.  Nothing bad.  I just got absolutely exhausted and unable to fulfill my pledge to post photos and journalize the days’ events.  So, now, the dogs and I are safely home and a tiny bit rested.  And I’m going to spend this weekend catching up with blogging, Flickring and getting the rest of my life together.

So, we were in Idaho when my on-line energy ran out.  Let’s pick up in Shoshone:



Two fun signs from this place:


The neon gone and who knows what it used to say — but bright and cheery:



From Burley.  Remember — or if you’re a newbie to my blog — all these photos open to larger versions when clicked:



Also in Burley — lots of crazy angled poles on this trip:



One more from Burley:



This abandoned gas station canopy is in Heyburn.  I’ve seen lots of double and triple speared canopies — but never a single one like this.  I have no idea of the brand:



From Rupert:



A sampling of signs from Twin Falls:








Also in Twin Falls — The Cove — a sweet looking tiki lounge.  I couldn’t find any info about it after searching just now other than this:



Moving on to Mountain Home which is a must stop for sign and mid-century modern lovers.  Note the pole holes on this one:



These fitness center sculptures must be modern but still very fun:




One of the nicest sign & building combos in town.  This postcard shows how little it has changed:
Unfortunately the “Towne Center” neon was removed fairly recently.  Here’s what the sign previously looked like at night:





On to Boise where I met up with Vangie Osborn who for years has been stashing away local signs that have been removed.  She recently got the go-ahead and funding to display the signs at a museum downtown.  The signs will be restored and displayed on an outside wall — viewable to the public 24/7.  More about the project here:

Currently, these signs are scattered in storage at different spots around town.  Here are just a couple of photos from one of the places.  More photos to come at my website eventually:




Last stop for this post — this giant ring sign is in Boise:




One down — six more days to blog about.  If I buckle down, I should be able to get them all out to you today.  Right now, must go shopping and other mundane things.  The dogs have fully recovered just 24 hours after arriving home are demanding entertainment and exercise.


4 thoughts on “Day 7: Boise & Beyond (more Idaho stuff)

  1. Glad you’re home safe and can recover from the exhaustion there. Never fun when it turns into a chore and you’re just beat! It was fun catching up – and small world – I posted a photo of Nelson’s to Retro Roadmap a while ago and someone recently sent me a photo of what it looked like years ago. I’ll post it on Facebook so you can see!

    • I feel like I’m still on the road! This is no easy task trying to crank out these posts. How did I EVER do those five week trips AND post every night? I still have four days to crop, tweak and post and I doubt I’ll finish tonight.

      Nelson’s must be (or must have been) wonderful at night. So many great signs in tiny towns that I bet are lit and we never see photos of them since photographers don’t stick around long enough to find out and shoot.

  2. That gas station canopy was most likely a Wilshire. Gulf bought them out and note the orange paint on the edges

    • Yes, I know about the Wilshire / Gulf stations. I believe they were all two spear stations. I have never found any vintage advertising to confirm that they built the three-spear stations — or the ones with bent spears (more like a boomerang). I have never seen a single spear like this one. Yes, the orange paint might be an indication of Gulf branding — but not proof.

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