Day 6: All Over Idaho

I’m afraid, my dutiful readers, that I’ve fallen further behind.  I took the night off from blogging & Flickr-ing last night to visit a Flickr friend in Nampa.  But I WILL catch up eventually.  It’s now Day 9 here in reality and the dogs and I have landed in West Wendover, NV for the night.  I wrapped up the shooting in Idaho today.  I had crappy weather from start to finish — so it’s refreshing working on this batch of photos with all the gorgeous skies and lighting.

Let’s start this post with another Sweet’s Chocolate ghost sign — this one in Pocatello:



Here are several signs from Blackfoot:



Those bulbs around the side of the sign seem more concentrated than most.  I’m betting that they were lit sequentially — which must have been mesmerizing:



I’ve shot lots of these angled sign poles in the past few days — this one is extreme.  Love the flags, too:



From Shelley:



Moving on to Idaho Falls which has lots of great signs and buildings.  I don’t know what motel this advertised for originally:



I believe this stove sign is modern.  It’s at Rocky Mountain Supply:





A former Woolworth department store and Independent Order of Odd Fellows Lodge:



A blasphemous treatment of this Art Deco beauty.  I’ll spare you what the ground floor looks like:


A detail of the building:



We’re still in Idaho Falls.  I’ve never seen criss-crossy neon like this before:



This sign advertised for Blue Glaze Coal:



I’m assuming this sign was placed just down the road by the owner of the Stinker gas station which has a vintage skunk sign:


The other side of the sign:



From St. Anthony:



From Ashton:



A Masonic sign from Atomic City:



Another painted ghost sign — this one from Mackay:


Two more photos from Mackay:




The last shot from today is from the Y-Inn Cafe in Challis:

I’m hoping for sun tomorrow here in Nevada — but if not, I’ll hunker down and bang out some overdue posts.

Take care,

dj & the dogs

11 thoughts on “Day 6: All Over Idaho

  1. Love that light

    I don’t know what motel this advertised for originally:

    When a sign like that is left blank, the sculptural aspects of the signs generally is more obvious , Great

    • Agreed! After shooting loads of these plastic signs for the blog, I’ve really come to appreciate them more. It’s taken so long for neon to be recognized as historic and worthy of preservation (and it still barely is perceived that way much of the time). I fear these sweet plastic signs are never going to have the same cachet — and we’ll wake up one morning in 2023 to find them all gone. All the more reason for me to keep shooting them at least!

      • There’s no question you are snapping away at history as fast as you can. Part of the thrill is they could be gone tomorrow, but at the moment the lens shuts, they are there, standing tall …or at least standing

      • Since most of the time I’m only getting to states in five or six year intervals, it’s always a relief to see what IS still there. Those miracles soften the blow of what’s been removed or messed with.

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