Quickie Trip to Templeton

I’ve been itching to take a little two-hour trip up to Templeton to shoot a giant milk bottle which I found out about a few weeks ago.   Today’s forecast was for all-day sun and near 80 degrees — not a good day to sit at the computer.  After a few errands and a drastic haircut, I loaded up the dogs and camera and a list of stops.  Had to stop in Morro Bay for that doggie beach again.  It was just as wonderful the second time.

So, I’ve got some sign photos for you.  I do shoot other stuff on these trips (the buildings and statues) but my blog fans seem to like signs the most so that’s what I focus on here.

From Guadalupe — looks like a replica of the original jewelry store clock sign installed here in 1923.   The business is gone now.



Several signs from Santa Maria:






This drive-in in Santa Maria opened in 1960 — and is still going strong:




A few signs from Lompoc.  Gotta reshoot this one in the morning sometime when the sun is coming from the other direction:


Unfortunately, this IOOF sign is in a spot that probably never gets light:


I’ve shot these signs a few times — but not been lucky enough to see them in the afternoon from this side when the roof is out of the way and you can get them together:



Last stop in Buellton where the sun ran out.  This is the County Line Motel:

This was a good little test drive for next weekend.  Sparkle needed an ABS computer module which was a pricey $1500 and required 3 trips to the shop to get it right.  It was a relief to have no scary warning lights on the dash for a full day of driving.   Next weekend, if the forecast is sunny, the dogs and I will be heading down to San Diego.

More photos from today over at Flickr:


6 thoughts on “Quickie Trip to Templeton

  1. Oh, that Santa Maria Glass sign is lovely—it is so cheery! The drive-in’s sign is terrific as well, full of whimsy and fun, which makes it perfect for a theatre. 🙂 And the County Line hotel sign is FABULOUS! Love that scrolling frame! You had great weather for sure—I envy you.

    (Especially since I tore my back up Tuesday and there’s no way I even want to THINK about picking up my kit—heck, I could not even lift a 4# pork roast at the supermarket this afternoon.)

    No dogs, though…You need taller pups. 😉

    • Taller pups? I do need to include them in a post soon.

      I was in low volume shooting areas yesterday — but next weekend (if the weather permits) should be action-packed. So far, they’re saying two full days of sun — so it looks like it’s a go.

      Take care of yer back.

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