More Sun! Santa Cruz and the Bay Area

The dogs had fun running on the beach in Santa Cruz while I waited for the fog to lift.  The sun came out around 10 am and was with us all day long after that.  All that perfect-weather shooting made that five-hour drive home not quite as agonizing!  This was the first of many trips to the San Francisco Bay Area.  I can only afford maybe one trip up there per month, so it will take a while to finish this list.  If someone wants to drop a few grand in the donation bucket, it’ll get done much sooner!

On with Santa Cruz — I’ve got a big batch of signs to get things rolling.  This one was shot last night after my blog post was done:


The same sign by day:



A faded beauty for the Plymouth Court (originally  a motel):



Most likely, went by another name originally.  Lit at night but I didn’t get a chance to shoot it:



An institution in Santa Cruz — there since at least 1958:



A neon detail from The Jury Room bar:



More motel & apartment complex signs:





Here’s a clover modern sign on the side wall of Larry’s Photography — although the camera reference is probably lost on much of today’s younger generation:



This sign is at the Rip Curl surf shop.  I read somewhere that it was originally a grocery store sign:



A little strip mall sign — I don’t know how old this one is:



And one more sign from Santa Cruz:



It was nice to be at the Boardwalk before it opened and all the people were there — but I missed a chance to try these!


I’ve been told by the historical folks that the swiss cheese-hole fins on this Boardwalk building are “real” (vintage from at least 1967):



Moving on — this one in Boulder Creek:



And from Ben Lomond:



The city’s welcome sign:



And then on to the “Bay Area” — this sign in San Carlos (I believe the business is closed):



That should be enough neon overload to last you for a while!  But if not, there’s more signs, buildings & statues over at my Flickr stream from yesterday:

The dogs and I will be hitting the road again in about three weeks.  Back down San Diego way for that one.

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