More Sun! Santa Cruz and the Bay Area

The dogs had fun running on the beach in Santa Cruz while I waited for the fog to lift.  The sun came out around 10 am and was with us all day long after that.  All that perfect-weather shooting made that five-hour drive home not quite as agonizing!  This was the first of many trips to the San Francisco Bay Area.  I can only afford maybe one trip up there per month, so it will take a while to finish this list.  If someone wants to drop a few grand in the donation bucket, it’ll get done much sooner!

On with Santa Cruz — I’ve got a big batch of signs to get things rolling.  This one was shot last night after my blog post was done:


The same sign by day:



A faded beauty for the Plymouth Court (originally  a motel):



Most likely, went by another name originally.  Lit at night but I didn’t get a chance to shoot it:



An institution in Santa Cruz — there since at least 1958:



A neon detail from The Jury Room bar:



More motel & apartment complex signs:





Here’s a clover modern sign on the side wall of Larry’s Photography — although the camera reference is probably lost on much of today’s younger generation:



This sign is at the Rip Curl surf shop.  I read somewhere that it was originally a grocery store sign:



A little strip mall sign — I don’t know how old this one is:



And one more sign from Santa Cruz:



It was nice to be at the Boardwalk before it opened and all the people were there — but I missed a chance to try these!


I’ve been told by the historical folks that the swiss cheese-hole fins on this Boardwalk building are “real” (vintage from at least 1967):



Moving on — this one in Boulder Creek:



And from Ben Lomond:



The city’s welcome sign:



And then on to the “Bay Area” — this sign in San Carlos (I believe the business is closed):



That should be enough neon overload to last you for a while!  But if not, there’s more signs, buildings & statues over at my Flickr stream from yesterday:

The dogs and I will be hitting the road again in about three weeks.  Back down San Diego way for that one.

6 thoughts on “More Sun! Santa Cruz and the Bay Area

  1. Hi there, we live in San Francisco and just wanted to say that it would be neat to meet up with you and your dogs if you had time. Just to say howdy and talk signs. It is such an acquired taste that I don’t get to meet sign fans very often.
    Anyway, just keep us in mind next time you’re in SF.
    Take care!

    • Hi — that’s very sweet! I’d love to do a “meet-up” but it’s gonna take me awhile to get to S.F. I need wrap up San Diego stuff — then I have a bunch of stuff south of S.F. That’ll all keep me busy probably through summer. I’m very methodical (if you haven’t noticed). Once I finally get to S.F., I’ll be busy doing shooting & reshooting at night (in addition to my “homework” of Flickr & the blog). But maybe we can do a quickie “doggie date” — my only daytime breaks from shooting. The Bulb in Albany is pretty awesome!


  2. There’s a beautiful sign just down the street from China Chef in San Carlos that is being destroyed by the new owner of the building. The Carlos Club and its iconic sign have been around since the ’40s. The new owner ripped out the blue neon surrounding the letters CARLOS. He also ripped out the word Carlos from the side alley parking sign. There is community pressure to make the city step in and stop the destruction. If you get up to San Carlos, make sure to take some pictures – sandee

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