More Goodies from the L.A. Area

Another eyeball check-up for Nik in Culver City gave me the excuse to pack in some more L.A. area shooting.  We were all over the place — the Valley, West L.A., L.A. itself, and east of it.  Tomorrow, will be more L.A. area & some Orange County.

Nik’s eyeball report is mixed — but nothing terrible.  A new medication for high pressure in his dead eye — and continued optimism that sight might return in the good eye if that darned opaque lens would just detach already.  The boy has been living with about 5% of this sign for years but happy as a clam.  Watching him run & retrieve you’d never know it.  Anyhow, it looks like there’s no end to these eyeball appointments so I’ll just continue maximizing the time and gas money to shoot more L.A. & O.C. stuff every couple of months.

Let’s start with Valley Village and the striking Valley Ambassador Apartments:


with dingbat lighting along the side of the building:



Also in Valley Village — a storybook-style post office:



Sou’s Shoe Repair in Burbank:



And one of today’s highlights — a visit to the San Fernando Valley Relics museum which just opened a few weeks ago.  There’s all sorts of ephemera and vintage photos.  But with a tight schedule, I went straight for the signs.  There are some fun statues, too.  Here’s Alvin from Alvin & the Chipmunks.  Yes, there were statues of Theodore & Simon, as well.  About five feet tall:


A couple of Bob’s Big Boy items.  This Bob looks a little mopey though — not the usual face or grin.  An early model or a knock-off?:


A pre-1990 Pep Boys statue (that’s when they did away with Manny’s cigar):


And now for some signs… There are a few more photos from the museum over at my Flickr account tonight as well:


The Dimples sign is from Burbank:

The Outrigger sign from Sun Valley must be a recent acquisition.   I just shot it in November of last year.  I hope Tommy got the other sign, too:


The Tiffany Theatre sign came from West Hollywood:


One of two Nudie Cadillacs at the museum.  Here’s some info about the cars & the man himself:

blog11 blog10

More about the museum here:


On to Pomona.  Love the faux curls on the sides of the sign, the big holes in the side of the building, and the recessed facade:



This photo was supposed to be posted to tonight’s Flickr batch — but I forgot it.  So here tis — Gomer Jones Studebaker from 1947:




And on to Hollywood where I ran out of daylight thanks to massive traffic jams for the Day of the Dead celebration at the Forever Cemetery.

This is one of the rarer (and scarier) Santa statues.  I’ve only seen or known of two of them:  one in Pasadena and another in Lynwood — both gone.  I don’t know if this guy is from either place.  And he probably won’t be around long either.  He’s at one of those outdoor junk dealer places.  More Santa statues at my website if you want to get in the mood for the impending season:




A sampling of tomorrow’s photos coming your way in the next blog post on Monday or Tuesday.  In the meantime, more photos for you over at Flickr from today:


dj & the dogs

10 thoughts on “More Goodies from the L.A. Area

  1. Pep Boys and Dimples are my favorites here. So glad the Dimples and Outrigger ones were saved. Wow.

    So how big is that Santa, can’t tell from the pic? It is _way_ too soon for XMas!

    Nudie posts to Facebook all the time. I think he has his own personal archive of photos and stuff. Pretty incredible.

    Glad Nik is doing okay!



  2. The Valley Ambassador Apartments are a real treat—a far sight from the usually dull apartment buildings one sees (at least in the Midwest). I’d love to know the story behind the building of that storybook post office—government is hardly known for its sense of whimsy. 😉

    • There are a lot of great mcm apt. buildings in Chicago. Southern California was growing by leaps and bounds in the 1950s and 1960s — and it was so sprawling that a lot of it has been left alone.

      I didn’t find anything online out about the storybook post office last night. I can only guess it made the town seem more “village-y” and that there might have been other buildings nearby with a similar look. Or maybe the post office moved into an existing building? Must google more…

      • That’s true about Chicago—I don’t spend much time there, and actually tend to think of it as an Eastern city despite its location just because of its nature. I will say we have a few cute former vintage motels & motor courts turned into cottage-style apartments.

        Oh, thanks for seeking info on that PO. It’s just adorable—not what we expect at all!

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