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The kids and I will be taking a little roadtrip this weekend (San Bernardino area) and I’ll be posting some photos here and at Ipernity — but that’s not why I’m writing you all here today.  I’ve been pondering just what to do with this blog since I won’t be taking any of those megatrips in the near future.  Unless somebody who really values what I do and throws a million dollars my way.  I’m always trolling the internet and finding interesting websites and news that I think would be good to share.  I could just plunk links in a Facebook account or twitter feed – but I think this ol’ blog is a better way to communicate.  So, I hope you enjoy the new additions.  It’s going to be a very random thing — with not that much effort spent on research or writing.

Let’s start with a building which I “discovered” online in the past few days.   I’ve been digging around for info about the nifty Streamline Moderne building on Sepulveda in Culver City, CA where Allied Model Trains is located today.  Even after speaking with the owner of the building, I didn’t get very far.  All I can say is late 1940s.  I posted this photo of it recently at this blog or at Ipernity:



Although Allied Model Trains was established in 1946, it has only been in this streamline-y building since 2007.   The store was originally located on Pico Blvd.   Then in 1989, it moved to the building just south of where it is today.  Which brings us to the building that I wanted to share with you today.

It was built from 1988-1989.   The model train store’s owner, Allen Drucker, had it built as a mini version of Union Station in Los Angeles.  Here’s a link to a Flickr photo to show the resemblance:


[photo credit Allen Drucker]

Oh, and I should mention that since Allied Model Trains moved into the streamline building, Samy’s Cameras has moved into this building.

But what’s maybe more interesting than the train-station building itself is the back-story of what can happen when a person pursues an idea and makes it into a reality.  And how beautiful buildings can still be built.  Anyhow — here’s a link to the story:

I hope you enjoyed this first installment — back atcha this weekend.

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