Day 4: Mini Trip Wrap-up

This was just a quickie trip — so no map or stats.   I didn’t get to half the stuff on my lists so I may find a way to finish up in October.  I didn’t even touch the Maryland packet, didn’t get to the Amish Man statue in Delaware that’s been restored, etc., etc.  And it’s killing me.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  But the traffic was already a disaster anywhere near I-95 by mid-afternoon.  So I turned tail and headed north to home a little early.

Let’s start with this horsie in Abington, PA.  I don’t know if he started out as a classic, mass-produced fiberglass horse and was just patched over and over — or if he’s always looked this funky.  He has no tail at all:



From Hatboro — I’ve been admiring this building for years — and happy to report it hasn’t changed a bit:



From Feasterville-Trevose.  One of just a few oldies north of Philly on the old Lincoln Highway:



From King of Prussia:  a rather elegant Arby’s re-use.  There’s another Arby’s gone Starbucks in Albuquerque.  I don’t know of any others — but there are possibly more:



From Broomall.  That appears to be a former amusement park kiddie train.  Even with the engine removed, that’s gotta be heavy:


It’s a model train store — but there are two of these giant toy soldiers — or are they Nutcrackers? — in front of the building.  Maybe there was another toy store here before?



Finally, on into Delaware.  From Wilmington.  I love the little neon diamonds on the right.  Yes, the store is still open:



An incredible bit of typography from Wilmington:



From New Castle.  A typically cluttered former Phillips 66 gas station lot.  In the sun, it’s almost a forgiveable shot.  The slanty bays on the left which you can’t quite see.  These gas stations are popular used car lots — and skanky repair shops.  A few of them have gotten lucky and now house coffee shops, fast food restaurants, or ice cream stands.



Also New Castle.  I’m finally getting around to reshooting these “restored” (replicas?) signs.  They look lovely at night:

But this one has been de-Deco-fied — my photo from around 2001:

and now:




So, that’s a wrap.  Maybe I’ll pick up where I left off in October.  If you don’t want to miss it, you can become a “follower” of this blog or a “follower” at Twitter (roadsidenut).  I usually tweet the night before I take off.   I don’t do Facebook (HATE it).  But I usually post a quick note or link to the Society for Commercial Archeology Facebook page at the beginning of a trip.

If you want some more photos from this trip, don’t forget I post different ones to Flickr:

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