Day 4 of 4: Quick Hi

The dogs & I are safely home.  I’ll try to get this mini trip’s final post to you tomorrow or worst case Tuesday.  Work and all that catchin’-up stuff tomorrow.   Feels like I’ve been gone much longer than four days.

4 thoughts on “Day 4 of 4: Quick Hi

  1. DJS- glad to catch up with your travels in our neck of the woods, as I try to catch up on stuff here in Los Angeles. We’ll definitely have to make a proper plan to meet up when you return to some of these places that you weren’t able to photo properly.

    A number of times this morning I’ve been reminded of the yin-yang pull of feeling like I should relax, but really wanting to hit the road immediately as soon as the sun is up, to visit and shoot the places I want to add to Retro Roadmap. Don’t feel alone in that “frantic want to see everything cram everything in before the sun goes down” feeling, as it sounds very familiar to me! It’s often a struggle. Who wants to “relax” on vacation? Not me, I’ve got a lotta livin to do 🙂

    • Here’s to cramming! I’m exhausted from this tiny trip. Still have the final blog post to get up. But I have to go to work soon…. Sparkle’s bumper will be $1904 — but at least I don’t have to pay for it! Yes, I’ll be in or thru the PA area soon enough since I didn’t finish the Delaware stuff or even start on the Maryland stuff. And it’s killing me. Maybe mid-October if the weather’s good.

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