Day 15: Awesomeness Near Denver

The sunny skies continued.  Lots of twisty windy, beautiful mountain vistas.  I think it was the Rockies — or close enough.  A real change from the past few days of city driving with endless stop lights and one way street strategies.   Sparkle’s brakes got a real workout today.  But she can handle it!

The dogs were in so many lakes I lost count.  It was hard to get Fixie to get out of the van by afternoon because she had stepped in pine needles earlier in the day.  She’s such a delicate creature.

I started shooting today in Louisville, CO.  This sign has been reworked at least twice:  formerly Pasquini’s and before that Colacci’s.  Here’s the Pasquini’s look:


On to Boulder for a good chunk of the day.  I didn’t know what to make of this — just in front of the Boulder Courthouse.  This miner statue was surrounded by platters of cheese and crackers and a big empty bowl.  There were no people anywhere nearby.  And the cheese had a look like it had been sitting for at least a couple of hours, maybe overnight.  Perhaps someone made a donation to the homeless people in the park but they still hadn’t discovered it?  Or maybe this was some Day of the Dead like tribute / celebration to a dead miner in the family?  Very strange.    And I have to wonder just what was in the big bowl.


A couple of side-by-side strip-mall type shopping centers in Boulder.  This one with a zig-zag roofline — the next door neighbor with a curvy roof.   Lots of mid-century buildings in Boulder.   A very cool place with nature things, art things, shopping things.  I’ve been here a couple times before — but really more impressed with the whole place today.


A couple of signs from Longmont:


On to Estes Park and the Estes Ark (a stuffed animal store shaped like an ark — over at my Flickr stream tonight).  Inside was this very strange, creepy big diorama behind glass of a teddy bear family gathered round the TV.  Short clips of all kinds of animals were being shown.  There was something there called “Talking Teddy” but I’m sort of glad I didn’t meet him.  This was enough:


More Estes Park.  There were some very nice-looking old stone cottages and cabins behind this sign.  But too far off to make a good photo for you.  And the sun was waning so I didn’t want to waste time to trek down there.


A two-fer.  Actually a three-fer.  Sign, A-frame building, and glorious mountains:


And then it happened.  PIE!  I saw those hand-painted signs and couldn’t resist.  The Colorado Cherry Company in Pinewood Springs:

I was tempted by the peach pie — but there was lots of fuss in the store about Bing cherries.  Bing cherry cider, jams, all that.  So I went with it.  Man, oh man.  It was maybe the best slice of pie I’ve had in my life.  No gelatinous goop.  REAL cherries, real liquid-y type filling.  Great homemade crust.


The kids and I arrived in Colorado Springs just before dark.  I found a big field for them to run in and get one last jolly for the day.  Grippie found spare rib bones which made her pretty jolly.   So, we’re poised for action.  I should be able to get through the Colorado Springs & Manitou Springs stuff, and then hopefully get us to some dinkier towns further south.

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