Day 11: Denver Area Marathon (part 1)

Weather looked kinda gloomy this morning .  So, we went to check out a dog park in Brighton.  It had a nice little marshy area which was fun for the kids to splash and explore.  Real nature inside a dog park — the way it should be.  Some of them can be so flat and lifeless.

And then out came the glorious sun.  It blessed me all day long except for an hour-long downpour in the afternoon.  Then back at it — shooting til 8pm.  Had some trouble getting on-line tonight.  And so, now — very, very late.   After midnight & I might not make it through.  [I didn’t — had to finish in the morning — sorry to keep you in suspense.]

No need for talk — it’s the photos you want.  From Northglenn:



From Commerce City:



More Commerce City:



I love these little guys (prairie dogs) — but I guess I wouldn’t if I had a yard around here.  They make Gremmie bonkers with their little noises and tunnels.  I can barely get her to pee in Colorado because she’s spending the whole time scanning for these noisy rats.


From Denver proper:


At the Riverside Cemetery — this log cabin gravemarker:


The storm had just passed in Arvada — the sun behind me; dark clouds behind the sign:


From Golden:


I usually don’t include nature shots — but this was pretty incredible.  A little drive up to see the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison takes you through an otherwordly landscape:


Back to Denver proper:



Fun fonts:


I’ll close with a couple of night shots for you.  This from Denver:


Last one from Aurora:


More Denver area tomorrow — and most likely the next day, too.  And don’t forget, there are lots more photos from today — and every day on this trip over at Flickr:

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