Day 32: Ever Eastward

I wrapped up Arizona early in the afternoon.  And then began the long, eastward interstate trek.  500 miles between Yucca, AZ and Albuquerque, NM before I could drive no further and passed out.  So, sorry that I have no photos for you this morning. Tonight, I promise!  The sun is up now so we’re getting back on Trucker Highway.  I am hoping to get into Colorado early enough to take some photos.  

Here’s the rest of this trip’s schedule:  Wednesday some stops are planned in Missouri.  Thursday will be Cincinnati shooting (Beth, there’s still time!).  Friday & Saturday the American Sign Museum Grand Reopening (are you all coming?).  And Sunday, all interstate madness to home (NYC).

I WILL get to that pie.  Last night, had a gas station chile relleno that was restaurant quality.  Back to coffee & gum & internet radio now.  Hope you’re all having a great Memorial Day weekend.

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10 thoughts on “Day 32: Ever Eastward

  1. Whew, lady – you’ve been busy! I just finally got the opportunity to catch up on all of your posts (between our week in California and long weekend in New England)- and I agree with one thing, it’s hard to balance the Social aspect of traveling with the photo editing / blogging part. Not enough hours in the day to do both. Safe travels!!
    I waited to see how I felt coming back from New Hampshire via Bethlehem PA to determine if I could swing a jaunt to Ohio on Friday, and I just don’t have it in me, energy-wise and Time Off from work-wise.
    What are your Pennsylvania plans? Would love to meet up around them if time allows!

    • Well, I’m anti-social to begin with so I don’t have much to “balance”. But I do make certain forced stops and sacrifices for “legends” and such. Doug, the SCA Editor, has been a big supporter of what I do. I have never, once, gotten a single “loved your article about…” — but he always says I did a nice job. I spend about 20 plus hours on each article researching, making phone calls, and writing them — so it’s nice to get more than self-gratification. You have to go out of your way for people like that.

      I will definitely make an arrangement to meet you when I’m in the Philly area next time.

      • Arriving in Cincy tomorrow — still time to change your mind & get on that plane tonight! So put that lime ricky down — it will be so worth it. Just leave Cliff a note. “Went to Cincy” he’ll understand — and call in sick.

      • Just checked airfare, and the $750+ RT tix just won’t do. Especially in light of some big work meeting today about our futures. Have enough fun and take enough photos for the both of us! We’ll see you in PA – or NYC some day!

  2. Wondered all day Sunday if you were OK or not.
    No pictures is one thing, but wish you would have just said howdy so we’d know you were safe.

    Drive carefully .

    • I don’t know about “all day Sunday”. Maybe it’s a time zone thing. I uploaded this blog post first thing this morning. So instead of my usual 1am — it was at 5:30am. So I don’t feel I have “failed” my readers in any way or kept them in the dark. This interstate driving is pure torture.

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