Day 32: Arizona Wrap-Up (Ever Eastward Part II)

It’s only 10pm — the night is young!  An extra large Starbucks coffee in hand — far stronger I think than gas station coffee and a thousand times better.  Good thing — because I’m attempting to do TWO blogs and TWO batches for Flickr tonight (yes, if you joined the party late or you have forgotten — the photos that I post to the blog each night on the road are just the “junky” photos & subjects.   Here’s the Flickr link for the prettier ones, posted also each night — and only while I’m on the road (my silly rule):

I thought I really didn’t shoot much yesterday.  But I think I was just depressed that the “real” trip (NM & AZ) had come to an end and I had to stop shooting around noon and start the long journey towards home.   And then the interstate nearly killed me.  No amount of coffee could get me to Colorado.  I pulled into a McDonald’s and passed out for about 6 hours.  Then up again for another day.  Sheesh.

So, for those of you that were bummed about not getting photos last night (a bit spoiled, aren’t you?), here goes.

Picking up where we left off at the last post — in Williams:  This giant kachina sign is at the Canyon Gas Trading Post & Restaurant:


From Ash Fork — no way to shoot this one without shooting into the sun — major tree challenge on the other side:


A wondrous sign in Seligman — marred by the Betty Boop crap on the bottom.  If I lived nearby, I think I’d have to sneak over there in the middle of the night with some blue paint:


Also in Seligman, from the ultra famous Route 66 landmark, Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-in.  I think this bellhop’s arm has been broken since forever.  I can’t find any photos of it when it was still intact:

One more from the Snow Cap:


From Peach Springs:


From Valentine:


The remainder of the photos below are from Kingman.  This one is at the Time Out Tavern and I suspect that it’s relatively new.  It looks like all those metal bits would interfere with the night-time presentation — but maybe I’m wrong:


A nicely preserved Astro Motel (although the name has changed):


Next to a former Denny’s (the now closed “Silver Spoon”) — I’ve poked around everywhere and can’t find the name of this place:


This one was originally the King’s Arms Restaurant.  It’s been the ABC Buffet for a long time:


The Route 66 Motel sign looking a little shabby.  I fear that corrugated plastic (what I call “corduroy plastic”) will be replaced with plain plastic panels soon.  Do they even still make the corrugated stuff?


Neon signs weather better — even after multiple repaintings:


Last one for this post — a former Terrible Herbst gas station sign:


OK — I’m off to work on today’s batch now.  Give me a couple hours.

8 thoughts on “Day 32: Arizona Wrap-Up (Ever Eastward Part II)

  1. DJ, you’ve sure uploaded some wonderful vintage material. I especially like the Astro Motel, Chief’s Motel and the Kachina totem

    Drive safe and enjoy that Starbucks.. some day I’ll tell you a ‘roadside coffee story’ in Yellowstone NP ;D

  2. debra jane,

    i’ve followed you on a few of these trips now and i have to say that i think that it’s no wonder you had to crash out at some point. you have been going at such an intense pace, especially given the Sparkle incident…. glad you got some sleep though i know it must have been frustrating and annoying to stop like that.

    you have been taking such amazing pictures — each and every one people probably don’t understand how much work they take (to prepare, to find the location, etc.). you know i love the junky ones here as well as the more polished ones over on flickr / your website.

    to be able to follow this journey has been a real gift. i wanted to thank you for being so welcoming to those of us taking this trip with you, as it were.

    i know you are on the long-quick haul home so you don’t need to respond but just know i’ll be sending good vibes for the rest of your journey back home.


    • Not quite on the haul home yet. Only ever so gradually. Yesterday was just about a full day. Today, will be a half day maybe. Then there will be, hopefully, a full day in Cincy and then the museum. The real grunt will be from Cincy to home — which is not as bad as many trips before.

      Glad you’re enjoying the photos. It’s always energizing to get positive feedback.

      I can shoot all day and still have the adrenaline high from it to get through the “homework” But after many hours of interstate, I’m totally sapped just from trying to stay awake and have no brains for writing. Today, will end with lots of interstate so I’ll have to see how it goes.

  3. I’ve considered a road trip this summer, but I’m not sure I could stand the solitude of the road. Do you travel alone? Isn’t it terribly lonely? Even when I’ve traveled on business and taken time for myself on weekends to see local sights, I always feel extra alone when seeing something great with no one to share it with. That seems very hard to me.

    • I travel with four dogs so I hardly feel lonely or bored. I’m not a people person so I don’t miss that. There is chitchat with business owners & other people here and there. And there’s always the cell phone. And I guess I “share” things on my blog, Flickr & website with like-minded people that appreciate these things. But mostly, I’m used to doing things on my own and am happiest that way. I can’t imagine spending 39 days on the road, at the pace I keep, driving 13+ hours per day, with any human being. The dogs are much more laid back about it all.

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