Day 35 & 36: Playing it Safe in Pennsylvania

I’ve got lots of great stuff for you from Friday — much of it from SE South Dakota.  I know, I know.  The last day of the trip and what was I doing heading further west instead of east.  There was just some stuff there that I really wanted to shoot — and I knew it would be worth the additional miles.  So, after the final day of shooting on Friday, I started the interstate trek home.  A four-hour nap somewhere just shy of Wisconsin – and then back to I-90 and I-80 all day today.  It was exhausting stuff — all those night’s with little sleep really caught up to me.  The boredom of rolling hills and coffee had little impact.  I took about four quickie naps.  15 minute power naps, even with the dogs jumping around on my back, really helped a lot.  I could have arrived home tonight at 2am — but Irene has kept me away.

I followed the hurricane’s path all day today on the radio.  Earlier in the day, they were saying she would arrive in NYC around dinnertime.  But as the day wore on, the estimate ran later and later.  Now (9pm), they’re saying 7am.  It sounds like power loss is a possibility — not to mention blown out windows, floods, etc.  The mayor shut down the subway system at noon today and it won’t be resumed until Monday night.  Which means I have Monday off – yay!   When I heard that there might be tornadoes in NJ tonight, that was the clincher for me.  I’d rather not get me, a canine buddy, or hard-working Sparkle hit by a tree or power line.   I’ll just stay here in central PA and see what transpires overnight and tomorrow morning.  When it’s safe to return, I’ll get you that final batch of photos & the wrap-up post.

6 thoughts on “Day 35 & 36: Playing it Safe in Pennsylvania

  1. Stay west my friend! Here in Phoenixville we just got word of a tornado warning. Luckily nothing yet but we’re in the cellar just in case!

  2. Wise move Debra Jane. Now I don’t hafta worry about you in NY or NJ.

    Watching Matt Lauer & Al Roker right now saying 2 more hours from now will be high tide in NY, so I hope for the best for all those folks!

    Be safe & get home when you are able.

    Weather forecast for NY Monday says : SUNNY.

    Something to look forward to!

    Take care.

  3. So glad you are playing it safe and hunkering down in Pennsylvania. It’s now a tropical storm instead of a hurricane, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be horrible to drive through. Yay and double-yay for no work on Monday!

    • Well, the subways are back so I have no excuse — off to work I go tonight (Monday). But I did get a few things crossed off the To Do list yesterday and this morning.
      I think the media & Bloomberg’s overreaction to Irene has made New Yorkers even more jaded and less likely to evacuate for the next hurricane. I kept hearing things in the park like “I knew they would be wrong.” Ahhh, good to be back in the land of the cynical. Thanks for tagging along with us on this trip (extra credit for dial-up!) & for all your praises.

  4. DJ,
    Happy you & the pups made it home OK. Sure everyone in NY says:
    “It could have been WORSE.”

    A small bone to pick. You think Chicago Paul is scary? I beg to differ. LOOK at your shot of the Akeley, MN Paul:
    Kneeling Paul Bunyan

    Now, THAT’S serial killer, I’m gonna eat your dogs after you take the picture scary.

    Speaking of Chicago Paul, here’s a little info on the original display:

    A picture of Chicago Paul, 2006:

    And from 2010:

    A HANDSOME fellow.

    NOW to your Flickr shots from SD & MN. I am certainly glad you went because on the whole, they are so Gorgeous I couldn’t breath for awhile.
    Especially: Jacob Harder House
    Yankton Drugs (!!!!)
    Dakota Theatre!

    Hope you are getting some sleep now.Want to hear all about how things are in Brooklyn & the ride home.

    • Happy to have missed Irene and the earthquake. An oil painting crashed in the hall in my absence but no harm done.

      I still say Chicago Paul is scary. Akeley Paul seems kind and gentle to me. I’ve been doing photo-ops with him and my dogs for years and he’s never harmed one.

      Much to do here in Brooklyn where it’s sunny and cool. I’ll be back working on the TX photos at the site tomorrow I hope. I’m soooo far behind.

      Thanks for all the compliments and virtual companionship on this trip.

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