Day 34: Itty Bitty Farm Towns in SW Minnesota

Many miles between stops — bucolic farm land that has gotten pretty damned boring by this point in the trip.  And it’s just a reminder of what’s to come this weekend.  I remember when I was growing up they said freeways of the future would be something where you’d hook up your car or just get in a lane — and you’d be carried along automatically somehow.  What ever happened to that?

Let’s start with this building in St. Joseph.  Built in 1917 so it pre-dates Art Deco – but much in the same vein:


For you fiberglass fans out there — a giant fish in Rockville.  At Rockville Gas & Bait:


From Sauk Centre — stained glass and glass checkerboard:

Also Sauk Centre:

From the same building:

From Osakis — a cowboy at Osakis Meats & Deli.  I’ve seen a lot of cowboy statues in my time but this is a new one on me.  Similar to the bucking bronco type but obviously always a seated type.  I thought for a moment about doing a group shot of the dogs, me & this guy — but there was nobody around to take the photo.  More cowboy statues if you want ’em here:


Off to Alexandria.  I drove the three blocks to see what other kind of sign the Viking Motel might have — bummer, plastic.


Still Alexandria.  Fans of my Flickr stream can identify this one in a heartbeat.  A futzed-with Sinclair gas station.  You know from the little roof tiles, the peak above the sign, the little Art Deco caps on the columns.  The canopy portion was filled in — as many of them have been.  A little Texas collection — still adding (interrupted by this trip) — for compare/contrast purposes:


And, last one for the day (keeping it short so I can get a bit of extra zzzs for the highway hell to come) — from DeToy’s Family Restaurant in Madison:

That’s a broaster chicken — looks like this sign had neon.  Same top-hatted company chicken / advertising symbol as these statues:

Way more than I want to know as a vegetarian — but maybe you’re interested in the company’s concept:


So — no “real” post with photos tomorrow.  Probably just a quick texty “hi” this weekend to let you know I’m alive. I don’t know if Hurricane Irene will be waiting for us.  At the moment, they’re saying direct hit with NYC on Sunday.  But, most likely, I’ll post Friday’s photo batch on Monday or Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Day 34: Itty Bitty Farm Towns in SW Minnesota

  1. A clean shaven Paul Bunyan ? What were they thinking?

    By the by, I’m not jealous of you & Paul because I have had my own
    friendship with the gentleman. Of course, this was when he was living in Chicago. What,you didn’t know that, you say? It is true. However, it was when I was a youngin. See this photo.All will be revealed. (It’s not me in the photo, though).


    We had many fine talks. Well, he talked, I listened.

    OK, lets get serious. I agree with everything Gale said yesterday, & that goes double for me. Well, maybe not EVERYTHING. But you are aware of the high regard I have for you & the Kids.So, lets hope you rocked Dee silly today with your Blue Skies (maybe a cloud or two).

    Don’t know what the hell will happen in NY this weekend but of course wishing you a safe journey home.

    Your Pal, Gerald

    • That Chicago Paul is SCARY!

      I got lots of great photos yesterday (Friday) but I’ll make you all wait til I get home. Beautiful blue skies today, too, but I’m trying to ignore them. We’re in Wisconsin on the horrible part of the trip now. Drive for two hours, nap for half hour. This will take forever at this rate. I feel like I haven’t slept for five weeks. Oh, that’s right, I mostly haven’t! I’ve spoken with NYC pals and they seem to think this Irene thing is a lot of talk and that it will just be some rain. If I hit major rain in NJ, I’ll just pull over and wait it out. I’ll make sure there’s power in Brooklyn before I cross the Hudson.

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