Day 31: Garage Report

9am CST here at Rydell Chevrolet in Grand Forks, ND.  Looks like the transmission thing is any easy fix — a cracked washer.  Whew!  The stalling thing sounds like an “evap sensor”.  Or something to that effect.  So, crossing fingers & toes that we’ll be out of here sometime this afternoon & I can start shooting again.

11 thoughts on “Day 31: Garage Report

    • Thanks!! Just got a quote of about $350 and maybe an hour and a half. I’m psyched! A sunny day here and I’m itching to get rolling. It would be SO nice to have these problems resolved for a change.

    • Thanks! I can use whatever spiritual connections you might have. So happy to NOT be buying a new transmission that’s for sure! Maybe can’t blame Jiffy Lube for the washer thing but seems so strange that it would develop a crack the same day that they worked on it. But maybe just twisting the drain plug closed weakened it. The fuse is staying okay for now — they are test driving — I think it was evap vent solenoid — or something. Next stop Fargo!

  1. Uh, well. Never mind. The evap thing wasn’t it (the reason fuses keep going — but they think that was the “check engine” light problem.) BUT supposedly they have found the short & have to tear lots of stuff apart to get to it. Maybe two more hours. Ack. Hope to get to Fargo by late afternoon. Maybe.

    UPDATE: 2pm – rolling!

  2. I hope you can’t read this until tonight, so that means you’re on your way!
    BUT, if not, Diet Coke & WiFi ain’t too bad, considering.

    Willie Nelson’s “On the road again” is going thru my mind for you.

    • Yeah, still sittin’ here. Wishing & hoping. Maybe another hour. Maybe. The mechanic is a lot more confident than I am. Yeah, if I was gonna break down, this was a really good spot. Yesterday I was in remote, remote places with nary a Chevy dealer nor any other sort of repair shops. And Sparkle waited until my very last Grand Forks stop before she decided it was TIME. She was not gonna budge one more mile til she got proper attention. Hopefully, the very last mechanical stop for this trip. I just did a mileage check: mid-MN to home is a 21 hour drive. So I must force myself to stop the shooting sundown Friday and get on the interstates. Til then, I’ll grab all the Paul Bunyans, neon signs, etc. that I can. I’m letting the dogs entertain themselves by digging and screaming at prairie dog holes. Probably creating an obsession that I’ll regret but it’s very amusing at the moment.

    • Just not enough time. The blog and Flickr already keep me up way past midnight on these trips. And the website keeps me busy every single free second back home.

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