Day 8: It gets better, right?

Let’s just pretend today never happened.  All day at the garage and no better off than when I arrived.  After a few hours, they diagnosed the fuel pump as the problem.  Replaced it for $995 and I was on my way.  I got about a mile down the road and the power went, coasted to a stop again.  Took another hour for a tow truck back to the garage.  They never did figure out what was wrong.  Even after the fuel pump was replaced, the power would go.  Something is causing a fuse to blow and no one knows why.  I managed to get my money back for the fuel pump.  And I have a handful of spare fuses which will supposedly get me out of a jam if I lose power again.  Which I most likely will — maybe 5 minutes from now, maybe 5 months from now.  And hopefully not in some hairy, dangerous situation.   They said with electrical, intermittent problems, there’s no “immediate” solution.  It might be related to the “check engine” light thing — or not.

I left the garage at 6pm and got a couple hours of driving in with no power losses or check engine lights.  I’m shaken and stressed, taking this trip one stop at a time.  Trying to drive in lanes with shoulders, trying not to pull out into traffic where it could be bad if I suddenly lost power.  Just planning with a negative eventuality in mind (breakdown) — which truly sucks when you’re supposed to be having a good time.  I got a few photos in before the sun went down though nothing sensational.  I’ll tack them on here to whatever I shoot tomorrow — which I’m hoping will be a better day.

6 thoughts on “Day 8: It gets better, right?

  1. We had a Volvo station wagon that used to do that when we lived in Los Angeles. It was always scary on the freeways because as you said you’re always expecting the worst. I have faith in Sparkle to get you through.

    • I don’t want to jinx myself and say our troubles are over — but Sparkle ran perfectly today — and the weather was glorious — photos & blog later tonight. I still don’t have the nerves of steel back to pull out into lanes of fast-moving traffic. But I’m sure that will come with time!

  2. Dear DJ,
    Wow, I feel your pain.Not an easy way to go having to anticipate loss of power while driving.Yikes.

    Nothing I can say will help you, I know.

    Just hoping for the best for you, Sparkle & the Kids.

    • Thanks for your kind words. It seems to have helped! Sparkle ran like a champ today. I think she was sick of being poked at in that garage for 24 hours.

    • So I have you to thank? Next time I’ll just contact you directly when I’m having trouble. Sparkle was miraculously healed today — must have been divine intervention. Blog later tonight…

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