Day 6: Lotsa Detroit (part 1)

As mentioned previously, no photos tonight since I had my “night off” visit with a friend in Ann Arbor.  We chatted it up til 3 so I’m gonna pay the price tomorrow.   A quickie report:  Pretty miserable weather today — got some sun in the late afternoon.   Then around 4pm, the check engine light came on again.  So, tomorrow we’re off to the nearest Chevy dealer which opens at 7am.  Yes, that means 3 hour of sleep.  Sparkle’s acting completely normal — shifting and running just fine for the hour or so I drove her after the light came on.  I did notice that the A/C is blowing hot air in the back where poor Nik has been trying to sleep — while the front vents are blowing cold.  So will need to get that looked at as well.   Pouring rain now — and the forecast is not good.   It might be a good day to be stuck at the mechanic.

2 thoughts on “Day 6: Lotsa Detroit (part 1)

  1. DJ,
    Sounds like you had a good time on your date.Since no blog update, I can hope you are getting a good night’s sleep for a change.
    Sorry that Sparkle is continuing to act up. Saturday if she needs more attention, is it possible for you to take Dee & the kids for a walk around the ‘hood while she is being worked on? Or is that too much trouble?
    Must say again you had some nice PWC (Puffy White Clouds) in a few shots adding to their appeal to moi.

    RE: The Yellow Pages sign.Knowing your modus operandi, I probably know the answer, but: Were you at an elevated position when you shot it, or ground level? Like your approach since other people don’t get that close so we can see the details.

    Well, hope Sparkle doesn’t need a transplant & you’re back on schedule (sort of) SOON.
    Take care.

    • Working on the blog now while Sparkle’s medical condition is assessed. The puffies only lasted about an hour before El Breakdown. Yellow Pages sign was shot from about a block away, ground level. Most folks don’t crop as tight as I do. I’d rather show detail than scale. Left windows in for scale here. Perfect clean blue skies today at 8am Hope we can be a part of it.

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