Day 29: OKC Wrap-Up

What a difference a day makes.  From glorious sunshine to miserable grey skies all day.  I think I made more stops today than any day so far on the trip and so will be reshooting nearly all of it at some later date.  Kills me.   I got the Flickr photos up from today but I’m just too fried to write the blog right now.  Maybe after I get a few hours sleep.  In the meantime, I’ll give you just a couple teasers.

I wanted to give you some kind of Easter image, since tomorrow is Easter, but have found just nothing in the past few days.  Best I can offer is a Quik Print rabbit:

And then, yes, another cowboy.  This one is a modern sign at the Stockyards in Oklahoma City — urging you to come back tomorrow for the rest of today’s installment:

I’m all done with OKC and will be moving on to cities north and east.  Probably land in Tulsa in a couple days.  A week from now, I should be torturing myself on the interstate heading home.

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