Day 28: OKC & Elsewhere (the photos)

OK — lots of work ahead of me and I’m feeling completely wiped out.  So let’s just dive right into the pictures from yesterday and then if I have enough steam, another post with today’s photos much later tonight.

First off — the reason I’m so backed up from taking the night off from posting.  The get-together with Lynne’s Lens:

I’ve admired her photos of mid-century buildings, signs, etc. from afar for years now.  She’s also been kind enough to supply me with some photos for articles I’ve written.  So, we got together for Mexican at the Iguana Mexican Grill in downtown OKC:

That’s Lynne on the left and a couple of her pals on the right (her hubby was taking the photo).  Me, second from left, modeling a dinosaur t-shirt that I scored in Glen Rose, TX on this trip:

and for those of you that must see the meal I consumed.  A super burrito & margarita.  Yummy.  A real big-deal celebration for me.  And great to meet people who share my passion for buildings & such.

Let’s go even further back in time to yesterday morning in Shawnee.  From S&S Auto:

This Thrif-T-Wise Pharmacy is in Ada:

Another car-on-a-stick from Lexington at Top Line Auto & Marine:

And between Top Line & the Sunshine Tabernacle in Lexington: this VW Spider which has been around since at least 2003.  It was produced by Wilson’s Volkswagen:

In Norman — this pretty little Art Deco number.  Does anyone know its original use?

Moving on to OKC for the duration of this post.  I’m guessing those text panels were originally neon, maybe even another name.

An Art Deco Buick dealership repurposed as lofts:

A star accent on the George’s Liquor sign:

This one absolutely broke my heart.  Here’s what this sign looked like when I shot it in 2006:

And today:

One last sign for this post and then I’ll start whipping up some photos from today.  Just a couple of doors down from the Sheet Metal sign — a mysterious milk bottle & glass sign.  I don’t think there’s a business affiliated with this sign anymore — so go see & shoot it now while it’s still around:

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