Day 16: Waco and More

Not nearly so hot today.  Maybe high in the low 80s?  A couple rough hours but I think if this keeps up, we’ll tough it out and not lose a day over the AC problem.  Not super blue skies but rather muted with clouds.  Good enough!

Found lots of streams for the dogs.  In fact, I think Grem alerts at every bridge now thinking we’ll be pulling over.  And a new problem with Nik and ducks.  He will not give up on them and spent nearly 20 minutes today chasing a Muscovy duck.  The duck really didn’t mind — but I did!  No matter how much I shouted, Nik was oblivious and just kept chasing him.  Finally, he was exhausted enough to come ashore.  And his brand new spiffy toy was gone (way downstream).   I’ll be on the lookout for ducks & geese and avoid those spots as this is really a huge time-waster.

No food photos today.  And overdue on dog photos (I’ll see what I can do tomorrow).  I’d hoped to dip into the Dallas area stuff today but running behind — despite some ruthless decision-making and skipping quite a number of stops.

The photo-taking started in Killeen today.  I’m guessing this sign (actually two signs) probably had neon originally:

A fun little building and sign.  Maybe a chain?  The pizza chef character isn’t as sophisticated as many are — but still awfully cute:

Still in Killeen.  This one’s a stumper.  The arch is very Burger Chef (see last night’s post) but the building otherwise is all wrong.  Now vacant, apparently last use was as the “Widow’s Son Barefoot Diner”:

Shooting lots and lots of theatres on this trip.  Many in nice shape — but also many in sad shape.  This one is in Marlin:

Some good stuff in Corsicana.  Slipcovers — you either love them or you hate them.  I’m a fan — usually.  I think this one is saved from dreariness by the nice orange sign:

Fantastic little entry design:

and, of course, they had a pin sign.  Could it have been orange originally? (see peeling paint):

Getting back to the Genie Car Wash discussion of a couple nights ago — I should mention that there are also a number of plastic versions around.  So, yeah, I’m glad the H2O people didn’t replace the neon signs in Austin with these:

Waco has tons of great stuff.  Here’s a sampling of some signs:


I don’t know what this Art Deco looking building was built as — possibly a church?  Maybe just retail?

I’d love to know what this building was used for originally.  The tower is sort of theatre-ish.  But maybe it was just a substantial restaurant:

And last one for the night, also Waco.  This is still a liquor store.  But you’ll have to use your imagination for the original paint job and text.  Maybe even a point missing above “Liquors”?

Another sunny forecast for tomorrow.  I’m gonna get to bed early tonight as I think tomorrow (and the next few days) are going to be very hectic with traffic and gazillions of stops.

16 thoughts on “Day 16: Waco and More

    • I’m shooting TONS more theatres than what you’re seeing here and at Flickr. Might want to check the site later on. Also don’t know if you’ve checked out the theatre section for IA, MO, KS, etc. Added a whole bunch in the past few months from the summer trip.

      • I haven’t checked the site since you started this trip, but I am going to head over there right now! …..and then likely jump in the car and run away from home =)

      • Ha! But seriously, I hope I do inspire you to sneak off whenever you can because contrary to how it might look at these posts and the site, any and all of it could disappear tomorrow.

  1. My thinking on Texas and the many theatres, is that there wasn’t a lot of entertainment then with the miles and miles between towns, plus many were air conditioned. Looks like you had a good day!

    • I don’t think there are particularly more in TX than anywhere else. Just about every small town in America had at least one, sometimes even two. It seems far more long-closed theatres in TX still have their signs at least.

  2. It is possible that that was a Burger Chef. There were 2 Burger Chefs in Killeen
    One on Fort Hood rd near Rancier-I used to eat at that one, and the other was on Hwy 190 (not the 190 bypass).It might have been to the east , near the airport.

    • This building is at 2830 E Veterans Memorial Blvd (aka 190 Business). The building seems twice as big as the other Burger Chefs — but the arch sure seems like a match.

    • RE-train him to do what? Do you mean TRAIN him to not chase ducks? It’s a very primal thing. There would have to be something better that would be the reward (for not chasing ducks). Can’t imagine what would be better.

  3. Ah, I guess I read into it that Nik was previously not chasing ducks, and it was just becoming a problem recently. I don’t have a dog, so if i don’t ask the “dumb” questions, I won’t learn.

    • Yes, it HAS just become a problem recently. It used to be just swans. Which is not a good idea since swans like to hold dogs underwater with their wings and drown them. I watched in horror once as Nik went one-on-one with a swan once. The more the swan pounded him with his wings, the more Nik loved it. Pure adrenalin — terriers are hard-wired to not ever give up. After about 20 minutes Nik could barely stay afloat and came to shore. So the duck thing is more annoying than dangerous. Basically, you cannot teach a dog NOT to do something — just to do something else instead (and reward that behavior). If I had a pocket of squirrels and called him out of the water for them instead, that would work. But not very practical. And Nik is far too hunt-drive-oriented to offer him food as an alternative. Most dogs prefer food so it’s an easy solution.

  4. That makes total sense, but since I have not had a dog since I was 7 (we tried getting a second dog when I was 9, but it was a horror) I never gave these things a thought.
    i never knew this about Swans. wow, that has to be SCARY for an owner.

    • Even scarier since I can’t swim! I think swans weigh more than Nik (he’s only about 15 pounds) and their wings are HUGE. The one he went after was whomping him on the head and body repeatedly but Nik just kept trying to get his licks in, screaming all the while. Ridiculous. Any screaming I do to try to bring him in only get translated as “get him! get him!” when that adrenaline is coursing through his body.

  5. Re: the ugly cedar shingle storefront in Alva, the scary thing is that many of these God-awful add-ons are approaching 50 years old and there are those in the preservation community who think that anything over 50 years old is historic and should be preserved.

    • Well, it IS representative of a certain style I suppose. Maybe even I will appreciate it in another 20 years. But it sure seems awfully silly and clunky right now.

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