6 thoughts on “Counting down

  1. DJ,
    Hope you’ll have matching bandanas for your buckaroos. Never know when a dust storm will ruin your roundup.

    • Not to worry — I’m not one of those folks that dresses up their dogs. This is the most I’ll ever subject them to. I think these hats were meant for Golden Retriever-sized dogs. It was a real balancing act to keep them on as that thin elastic string wasn’t much help.

  2. i’m having a hard time choosing a favorite cause they are all so gosh darned AWESOME. great way to “begin” the trip, debra jane! hope you’ll include loads of pics of the doggies and various snacks on your journey.



    • She was actually the best “performer”. I don’t think I had to rearrange her hat at all. She totally got the concept of holding still. I think her expression was one of concentration. And fear — she doesn’t like perching on the edges of doom (this stoop wall was about 5 feet high). As you can see in this photo (and all the rest), she was the only one hunkering down. Everybody else was relaxed and fearless. Fix is the biggest but wussiest of my pack in every way. She’s the one that everybody loves because she’s into affection and socializing while everybody else just wants to eat and kill stuff.

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