Day 37: Home Sweet Home!

Just a very quick “hi” to say we arrived back in Brooklyn this morning.  I have lots of fun & pretty photos in Kentucky from the past couple days to share with you all.   Stop by tomorrow for the big wrap-up post here and final Flickr batch for the trip.  It’s nice to park for awhile.  The dogs are knocked out cold.  Wish I could join them but I’ve got a million post-trip tasks and work tonight (ugh).

12 thoughts on “Day 37: Home Sweet Home!

    • Finally got that last post up a few minutes ago. It’s always a relief to get home and get organized. But every single sunny day here in the City makes me pouty that I can’t be off shooting somewhere, anywhere. Gotta pay for that gas & food though.

  1. Glad to hear that you’ve made it home! I can’t say how much I’ve enjoyed seeing your posts daily and all of the wonderful photos and things you’ve found along the way during this trip. Can’t way to see the final photos trickle in!

    • Sorry not enough doggie photos for you. I’ll try to do better next time. I’d hoped to do more videos but need to sit down and master the software. Final post is finally up now.

  2. Happy that your marathon drive back ended without problems. Looking forward to your last postings. Sniff. Gonna miss our little chats, though DJ.

    • I just got the wrap-up post up a few minutes ago. Thanks for all your posts and comments. I’ll be back on the road before you know it. And I can always use someone to help throw balls for the “kids”.

  3. Welcome home! Hooray, Sparkle came through again! Can’t wait to read your wrap-up with photos and mileage and other fun facts. Now it’s time to rest up and decompress!

    • You’ve been on a few of these now — glad you enjoy the Fun Facts. Sparkle rocks! I’m gonna give her a big bath this week — the bugs were intense. Sad to say we must have killed dozens of butterflies on our journey. Hardly time to rest since I’m working killer OT now to pay for this. But I think my life on the road is physically harder and more stressful. It was great to hear from you as always.

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