Day 36: Checking in from Kentucky

This is just a quick hello since I’m at the tail end of the trip and tomorrow’s going to be a killer.  Sensible people would spend the evening getting halfway into Ohio to shorten the distance between here and home.  But I’m not sensible.  I’ve given in to my inner child, again, and will be doing some stuff in/around Lexington, KY tomorrow morning.  I already had to skip that stuff on two trips now and I refuse to let it happen again!  But I’ve given myself a firm cut-off of noon.  Which puts me in NYC around midnight (or later with naps).  I do have to be to work Monday night and be in somewhat reasonable condition for that.

The photos & final post will wait til I get home.  I’m calling it a very early night here — it’s 10pm.  The extra rest will help get me through the tedious awfulness that awaits me tomorrow.  A 12 hour interstate drive is one thing when you’re just heading from one place to another.  But it’s excruciating after 36 non-stop days.  Nighty night.

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