Day 25: Southeast KS in the Rain

What a difference 24 hours can make.  Gorgeous skies yesterday = glorious photos.  Today, rain & grey all day until 8:30pm.  Luckily, it was a day when I had relatively unimportant stuff to shoot and lots of little one or two stop towns.  Tomorrow, really hoping for some good sun again since it’s the start of Missouri and high volume shooting planned.

The dogs got some good running and swimming in before the weather went from icky to awful.  I was a bit hungover in the morning — slight headache & woozyish.  Although I probably only had the equivalent of two small drinks from that pitcher, my body is not used to alcohol.  But it was fun nevertheless.  Good to celebrate but not really a rejuvenating night off though. 

 Just 12 more days to go — I think I can pace myself for the rest of the way.  Looking at the stack for Missouri though, I feel a bit of a mad panic to do a thorough job of that chunk.  I’d guess there’s close to a week’s worth right there even working at a rapid clip.

Slim pickins today for Flickr & the blog.  I’m just not motivated to share the grim greyness of it all.

A sign from Independence — washed out white sky.  Yeesh.

A neat entrance gate for the Burlington Veterinary Center (in Burlington):

This sunken relief (what’s the word? my brain is gone)  is at Fairfield Elementary School in Chanute.  It reminded me of the one I uploaded to Flickr a couple days ago — maybe the same artist?

I uploaded a couple photos tonight at Flickr from Trotnic Recycling in Parsons.  The next couple photos are also from there.  I guess this was an idea that didn’t work out:  a gas station themed mini golf.

Among the gas station related stuff, there was also this neat circus wagon:

Time for a snooze — finally caught up!  And hoping for lots of much prettier photos for you tomorrow.

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