Day 17: More Missouri

My god it was hot today.  Holy cow!  It had to be more than 100.  The only bank clock I saw was at 6pm and it read 99 degrees.  It’s not cooling off much more tonight either.  In the late afternoon, I found some water for the dogs to romp in.  Right by Terrible’s Casino in St. Joseph.  The Missouri River was really moving quickly and strongly so I was careful just how far I threw the ball for Nik and the treats for the girls so nobody got swept away.

The purpose of my venture over to the casino was not to gamble — but to shoot this guy who’s not as big as the one in Osceola, IA but still nice — especially for a modern sign:

I knocked out the St. Joseph stuff today and thought I’d stick around to see if the  Pony Express or the Boudreaux’s bucket signs were lit at night.  Apparently not or I got there too late (11pm).  Tomorrow, it’ll be all about Kansas City — and if I really hustle, might move on to Kansas state.

The weather was so intensely hot and with all that city traffic, I started to worry what this might be doing to Sparkle.  So I’d turn off the A/C for awhile to give her a break.  When the dogs started panting and looking miserable, I’d turn the air back on.  Their comfort is way more important than mine.

Lots more signs today – hope you don’t mind.  The food has been pretty mundane.  I did splurge on a peanut parfait (ice cream) at the Dairy Barn in Wathena, KS this afternoon to treat myself for a superhuman effort today.  Man, was it good!  Sorry, no photo of it though — I just wasn’t thinking straight at the time.

The day started off crappy and rainy.  But at least my stops were spread pretty far apart and the grey photos are limited.  I checked on the giant pecan in Sumner.  It’s fine but some weeds are growing up around it.  The store itself looks like it’s been closed for awhile.  These characters are known as Wham (the hammer) and Petey (the pecan):

The movie theatre in Brunswick.  Brand new sidewalk and handicapped access but no attention to the theatre itself:

Another depressing theatre in Carrollton:

Some signs — this is from Chillicothe:

which is evidently home to sliced bread — who knew!

A couple photos from little Stanberry — this a Valentine diner like this one:

and this sign (clock works) which stands next to an ATM machine.  I assume there must’ve been a small bank building there once:

A few photos from Maryville.  This must’ve advertised for a real estate office or mobile home seller:

A chiropractor’s office:

and a weathervane place:

A hand painted (plywood I think) from Savannah:

Great spiral-y poles (what would you call these?) from Belt Alignment & Frame in St. Joseph:

a ghost sign from St. Joseph:

and lastly, another from St. Joseph.  No idea what this gigunda arrow advertised for originally but I really like the shape of it.  Must’ve had neon:

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