Day 3: Corn Country PA

This trip was a success in every way except for my blog postings.  Sorry bout that — don’t know why I was so exhausted.  Maybe it was the 100+ degree heat coupled with 13 hour days of driving & shooting?  I don’t know how I’m going to hold up during the August trip but I’ll try to get these things out nightly.

Catching up then — this post and one more that I’ll get out tomorrow morning.

Lots of miles between stuff today — yes, lots of corn fields.  But I still racked up lots of great photos thank to another day of glorious sun.

I love this sign at Diversified Exteriors in Parkesburg.  It looks like this roofer’s arm used to move up and down.  It would appear to be a new sign – but maybe the roofer came from an older sign?

This nice embossed plastic sign is at Pittsburgh Coatings & Supply in Lancaster:

A rather depressing re-use.  Better than nothing I suppose.  The former Joy Theatre in Mount Joy.

Here’s a typical pit stop / cool-down break for the kids.  This was in Columbia and that’s the mighty Susquehanna River.  The nicer part of the park (with the “no dogs allowed” sign) is off to the right.  Usually at these public parks on the water, there’s some little corner off to the side for the Rest Of Us.  Everybody had a good time.  Especially Nik who ran off when he caught a whiff of Dead Fish.  I suppose I should have taken a photo of him rolling on it – but I wasn’t entertained at the time.  Luckily, I have smooth coated dogs so when this happens, a good swim takes off most of the schtink.

Two Art Deco beauties in Harrisburg.  That’s the former Paxtang Theatre on the left:

Just down the street, now “The Cafe”, is this old Hershey’s sign.  These are getting to be pretty rare now.  This one’s in great shape.

Last one for the day — on the same block (Derry St.).  I would assume under all that mess is a former gas station:

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