Day 26: Almost Through Arkansas

I thought we’d be able to make it to TN by tonight.  But twisty backroads in the Ozarks ate up a lot of time.  Glorious weather – hope I done AR proud.  Good to see a lot of stuff I’ve seen before that’s still hanging on.  And other stuff that was “new” to me on this trip.  The dogs got a couple good runs in at a grassy lot and the AR River.  They seemed pretty beat today.  We’ll all be happy to be home.  Four more days of shooting and then a mostly interstate day.

In addition to shooting old stuff, I do have new stuff on my list that I often check out.  Today, there were a couple contemporary churches on my list both by the same architect, E. Fay Jones.  The Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel in Bella Vista and the Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs.  I’ll include one photo of each & some links if you’re interested in knowing more about them.

Cooper Chapel:

Thorncrown Chapel:

I thought this was maybe just a golf resort — but doing a little Google search, Holiday Island is an actual city:

Apparently, this fun place in Eureka Springs has been closed for more than a few years.  It probably won’t be around too much longer since it’s on a huge lot at a very busy intersection.  It’s hard to imagine anyone with bucks reopening this restaurant with this hillbilly imagery:

This hillbilly sign in Green Forest reminds me a lot of this one in TN:
I’m betting that this one once had a swinging arm.  And maybe even a moving leg as well?

This place also had this fun sewing machine sign as well:

Another fun sign — this one (actually several signs as one) in St. Joe:

The Ozarks are really big on stone-faced buildings.  I believe this is also called giraffe stone because of the pattern.  This barber shop in Batesville looks suspiciously like a former gas station to me:

Another example from Clinton:

And lastly, the Sutterfield Stone Yard in Leslie sells tons of different kinds and sizes of rocks and stone slabs.  This neat super skinny A-frame with attached fountain gives you an idea of what you can do with the stuff.  It also doubles as a supplies shed:

8 thoughts on “Day 26: Almost Through Arkansas

  1. Love your posts. I was a few days behind and didn’t realize you were in Arkansas. We love our state and yes we do still have that crazy Hillbilly image! Take care. Terri

    • Not enough hillbilly images if you ask me! I hit a lot of cities and areas in Arkansas — hope I found some stuff that you didn’t know about. The bulk of my photos will go to my website when I get home. It’ll take at least a couple months to get everything up.

    • Don’t know what the sooty stuff was. This building was just a “grab” photo so I know nothing about the place. Is it zebra stone or giraffe stone?
      The A-Frame “roof” was covered with stone — maybe I didn’t make it clear in the blog. It’s basically an advertisement in itself to show you what can be done with stone.

    • “Fun” in an exhausting, very deliberate sort of way. It’s more like work but very satisfying — sort of like building a house, by yourself, in four weeks.

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