Day 23: Round the Bend in Steamy LA

A significant milestone today as we began the slow journey northward toward home.  Still another week left to go though.  I should have time for 3 or 4 days in AR, then maybe 3 days in TN & KY, and then the usual mad dash home.  East TX didn’t make the cut this time.  I’ll just have that much more to do next spring.

Hoo-wee, was it hot today!  The day started out dark & foggy/cloudy but was already humid and sticky by 10am.  It was in the low or mid 90s depending on which bank clocks were right.  I only turn on the A/C when necessary and today wasn’t one of those days.  Sparkle’s working hard enough running 12 hours per day.  And I want that full Southern Experience.  The dogs toughed it out.  Fixie was the only one really panting though:

I did some water jug dousing and kept an eye out for a stream.  As I came over a bayou bridge in Jennings, I saw a big river and thought that might be a good doggie swimming hole opportunity.  I asked a guy at a repair shop if there might be gators back there and he said there very likely were.  But if I went to that pond over “they-uh”, he was sure it was gator-free.  It was his boss’ house/property and they were away.  Pond Paradise!  Score!

Moving on to the signs and buildings…  This nice oldie is from New Iberia:

This neat guy was at A-1 Radiator in or near Erath.  He was built in 1992.  He used to function as a fountain.  The hose coming out of his belly used to be a bit lower — but the town didn’t like that:

A couple nice buildings that were on opposite corners from each other in Opelousas.  Both vacant as are most things on this block.  Abdulla’s looks like it was probably a department store:

The Rice Theatre in Crowley is a frequent subject for photographers:

It was also selected by these girls for this local sidewalk chalk painting contest.  Most of the other kids seemed to be doing just abstract stuff.  So I hope these girls win and go on to become historical preservationists.  We need to start enlisting the next generation!

Another great building in Crowley — difficult to photo because of trees and sun:

In Lake Arthur, I did a quick U-turn for this castle-styled birdhouse.  But upon closer inspection, is it a phony birdhouse?  The windows all seem blocked:

Despite the siding and other alterations, this building is still a head-turner.  Also from Lake Arthur:

An abandoned sign in Lake Charles:

This place is in Leesville:

This wacky car was on the roof of Paul’s Paint & Body just west of Alexandria.  Although it seemed life-sized, I couldn’t tell if this was three-dimensional or not:

So, it seems the taco shop mariachi band figures that I shot the other day and included here were mass-produced.  I ran into these guys in Alexandria:

OK – so I have been seeing these daiquiri places since Florida I think.  I don’t know what to make of them.  I guess they are non-alcoholic since so many of them offer take-away, drive-thru options.  Perhaps a local can explain this phenomenon and obsession with daiquiris.  These places come in all sizes and shapes — from low-life, ugly-dirty to cutesy, mall-y modern.  This one I include since it’s a repurposed gas station in Leesville:

11 thoughts on “Day 23: Round the Bend in Steamy LA

  1. Just wanted to say I love these pictures you take (especially of the dogs). The Daiquiri Station picture from day 23 is particularly interesting. My mother and her friends went to New Orleans last summer, and they stopped at a Daiquiri Station, and she says they do serve alcoholic beverages. Just thought I’d let you know. Thanks again for posting these awesome pictures.

    • Hmm. So maybe they serve both alcoholic & non-alcoholic. Or maybe these places down South don’t care about you driving with open containers of alcohol? It sure wouldn’t fly up north. Glad to have another doggie photo fan. I was worried I was flooding the posts too much with the past couple days — but I figured this pond looked so nice I’d be forgiven.

    • I googled to see if there was any mention of the contest — nothing. I really wanted to know more about this thing — and to see how the girls did. The girls said there were four categories. They entered “Experimental” and couldn’t remember the other three.

    • The guy swore there wouldn’t be gators in there. I had to go on trust. But, yeah, I was a little scared. I’m hoping they don’t have gators in Arkansas where I am now. Very steamy (70s tonight) and these guys are gonna need a swim tomorrow.

  2. Yea, it’s a Louisiana thing. Only place in the world you can get drive in booze. The hand you the straw seperate because of the open container law. You are suppose to wait till you get home to drink it !! Us cajuns, we love our booze. Keep those puppies safe and away from all the gaters. Thanks for the great images.

    • Wow. I assume there must be a lot more drinking & driving down there then. Have to watch out for that. Luckily, the dogs survived the gators. I sure hope none have migrated up to NC or VA because the dogs have needed swimming holes every day on this trip.

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