Day 26: Western IA & some NE

The big story again today was the rain — torrential at times.  It really slowed me down and made shooting a challenge.  I’m no fool and don’t speed on country roads and pull over when visibility drops.  I’ve never experienced flash flooding and don’t want to.  It was certainly the day for it.

Here and there the rain would stop.  I did manage to get the dogs some romps in.  A big church field, a small dog park in Bellevue, NE and then an incredible dog park in Lincoln, NE. Rickman’s Run is incredible:  HUGE, gorgeously natural, a little stream, separate areas if you need them.  I read on-line that it was four acres but it seemed way bigger than that. The fencing was pretty widely spaced mesh which Grem would’ve had no problem getting through.  But I kept her busy enough with retrieving games and kept tabs on her when she was in the brushy parts.

On with the show.  This fun sign with the football reference was in Atlantic, IA.


Lots of driving between stuff today gave the dogs a chance to catch up on sleep.  Here’s Grip running in her dreams:


This building was next door to a restored gas station (the “Brickstreet Station”) in Woodbine, IA.  It made me contemplate how far we are from home — and if I ought not just head the other direction instead.  Not looking forward to another NYC winter.


This photo also taken in Woodbine of what must be a modern sign — but a fun one — shows you what we were up against today.  Look at that rain pouring out the rooftop gutter and the vertical streaks.  Shot from inside the van — “Dee” barely made it outside today.


This ice cream stand confirmed my thinking that Dairy Sweet ice cream stands must be a chain.  This is from another Dairy Sweet in Adair, IA:
and this one in Woodbine:


This Reddy Kilowatt-esque guy was also in Woodbine:


and then I saw another one in Onawa, IA:


These interesting rooftop vent thingies were on the roof of a used car lot office building in Onawa.  I assume the building was previously some sort of restaurant.  The two venty things were identical — one just chopped off from the angle I took this.


This is an awfully swank F.O.E. (Fraternal Order of Eagles) sign and building.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an FOE restaurant before.  There was a sign on the front door saying “General public and members without cards enter at rear”.  In Plattsmouth, NE.



This faded beauty is from Auburn, NE:


And that brings us to Lincoln, NE where we spent the night.  QP Ace Hardware has at least two other locations in town.  I don’t know if the others have old signs like this one:


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