Day 6 & 7: Columbus, OH mostly

Did you miss me?  Yes, last night I got together with a Flickr pal that I hadn’t met before. So I got a night off from posting to Flickr and here. We had a great time and chatted until after midnight I think. Which means I didn’t get that early night to bed that I thought I would.

The dogs have mostly been getting their exercise in big semi-grassy lots that I find next to hotels and mall type places. I did get them to a great dog park yesterday in Columbus: The Big Walnut Dog Park. There was a lake and everybody went swimming — even Grippie for a few seconds. Separate areas and plenty enough room to run Nik around for awhile. Fencing seemed nice and secure so I felt comfortable having Grem run around. There was a big list of rules at the entrance and it did say no more than two dogs per owner. But everybody clearly saw me with my four and I didn’t get hassled. This place will now be on my permanent list of places to go every time I pass through Columbus.

All else going fine. No stray dogs to rescue, no mishaps with any of mine. Weather mostly sunny & Sparkle running great. I’m pretty much on schedule I think and will hopefully wrap up Ohio on Sunday or more likely Monday. I have tons of bloggy photos and since it’s nearly 1am, let’s get to it.

All of these are from Columbus unless otherwise indicated.  Elsie the Borden’s cow peeks out from this old wall advertising:


This had to have been a circular Dairy Queen sign originally.  There are some examples at this page at my website:

Then, somewhere along the line, the rectangular piece was added.  And, then this latest paint job which is pretty bizarre.


Next door to this sign, is this oddly painted or weathered one.  I much prefer signs to look this way than those brand spanking new looking restorations:


At the Eastland Mall, was this nice midcentury building.  I’m sure you Columbusian, Columbusites, will enlighten me as to what department store was here originally:


Today, I came upon a similar building with the same turquoisey glazed brick but with a different style entrance.  This one was on Tremont.  A Macy’s but I don’t know if that’s what was there originally:

This sign was in the trees in Marysville next to the former Frostop (now Benny’s Pizza).  Can anyone make out the lettering below the coffee cup?


I believe I’ve seen this giant sign style before.  I’m too needing sleep to check around.  It was a drug store chain I think.


This plastic sign surprised me because I didn’t know that Super Baker was a chain.  I had been only familiar with this neon sign:
So I assume there were other neon signs like that one around?  It must be the only one left if that’s the case. 


I have always loved these Coca-Cola and other beverage signs that use these shapes sealed in clear plastic.  Here’s an example:
 This one was busted out of its shell so I got to get a better view of them:


I decided to switch from sweet to salty for today’s snack.  I’d heard good things about the local Conn’s potato chips brand.  I probably should have gotten regular because this salt & vinegar was a killer.  My mouth got blisters I swear!  The dogs weren’t fond of them either but ate ’em anyway. 


Speaking of sweets, how bout a couple of not quite website-worthy donut signs:



More signs!  A sad but still pretty one:


So many fun things about this one:


One of the biggest neon arrows that I’ve ever seen:


What could be a more appropriate use of the classic plastic ball — than as a symbolic meatball!  Certainly, this must have been a later adaptation though, right?


A beautiful building with painted signs indicating its original use and a classic Mail Pouch ad.  This was in Mount Vernon, OH:


And I don’t know which of these last two is more terrifying.  This one from Mount Vernon:


Or this rooftop inflatable at a Wendy’s in Columbus:


I hope these don’t give you nightmares.  I’m heading to bed now myself.

12 thoughts on “Day 6 & 7: Columbus, OH mostly

  1. Let’s see, where to start. The blue tile facades at the two malls (Eastland and Kingsdale, respectively) were designed by Raymond Loewy (there’s one at Richland Mall in Mansfield, too) for the Lazarus chain of department stores. Macy’s bought them out; the one at Eastland died when Macy’s moved elsewhere in the mall.

    The sign in the trees at Marysville; FotoEdge at Flickr tried using infrared on it in Photoshop and found that whatever it read, it ended in “O-RAMA.”

    And I see you found the scary-ass cross and hand in Mt. Vernon. Welcome to Ohio! 🙂

    It was great meeting you. Have a safe trip!

    • Ah, THE Raymond Lowey? Maybe I do have good taste after all. Thanks for the local perspective.

      Infrared? How I love my fellow sign junkies! I do see “Laundorama” now that you mention that. An adapted after the sign was used for a coffee shop? Do you think today’s crappy modern signs will look better with time?

      Plenty of religious in-yer-face religious fanatics back where I come from, too. But I’ve never seen such a brutal depiction.

      Great to meet you, too! Loads of other Columbus stuff for the website — but I’ll make you wait. Nothing I’m sure you’re not already familiar with though. Although you didn’t know about Mr. Cardinal so who knows. One of the 3,658 MCM churches that I shot today might be news to you.

      • I went to the state fair today and shot the Cardinal, both digital and Holga, all thanks to you. 🙂 I can’t believe they let you just run in and shoot it.

        Here’s a link to the Richland mall Loewy did:
        Richland Mall

        It’s nicer than either Columbus mall!

    • I guess there are a limit on number of replies to a reply. I can’t reply to your latest reply so I’ll put it here. Glad you saw & liked the cardinal enough to Holga-ize him. I really look forward to giving your stream some attention when I get caught up with my own photos & stuff. I am pretty good at sweet talking my way into just about anywhere at this point. I pulled the van right up to the gate & parked like I owned the joint. The nerve! That Richland bldg is a beaut. Next time!

  2. Great signs today! … Salt and Vinegar is the most popular of all flavours for potato chips in the UK. (Here called crisps not chips.) … I didn’t know they had ‘salt and vinegar’ in the US. Here I think it began as soon as crips were made that were more than just plan old salted. (in the 60s?) And I’ve always thought it was because salt and vinegar is what you put on Fish and Chips. I thought ‘Salt and Vinegar’ potato chips were 100% British only.

    • I don’t know how long we’ve had S&V here in the States. It probably is a copying of the Brit fish & chips thing. I don’t remember them while growing up as a kid. But in SoCal everything was Mexican inspired.

  3. To me, the coffee cup sign looks like it said “Mama’s RESTAURANT.” But I haven’t seen the infrared version!

    Love those 1960s blue brick mall stores, they look soooo Los Angeles. Amazing that they were designed by Raymond Loewy, that guy designed everything.

    Have a great day. Best to you and the pooches!

    • Thanks, Gale! I passed some office buildings today – a pair – that might have been designed by Loewy (or a copycat). One was the same blue, the other a mossy green. Should’ve backtracked and shot them. I will make note for next time.

  4. fascinating to catch up with your travels…you must sleep the sleep of the dead when you finally get home!!

    interesting to see your columbus shots, i’ve not come across everything you’ve shot i have to say. but i thought you might like to know: the meatballs from mr meatballs are goooood! might have to drive over there this morning and get some now i’ve seen the sign!!

    • It does feel good to get home and sleep in my bed and get my life back in order. I’m a veggie so I wouldn’t know about meatballs — but I’m sure the dogs would’ve appreciated some.

  5. Fantastic adaptation of the Dairy Queen sign to one advertising creepy nails. And if that weren’t enough, the scary stigmata. Unreal. I also really like how you post bizarre snack discoveries like strawberry-peanut butter M&Ms.

    I’ve linked your blog to mine because it’s so good. Keep up the travels!

    • Why thanks — glad you are enjoying my blog. I also have the site ( of course with loads of “topics” to explore and entertain you when I’m not on the road.

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