Day 1: NYC to Canton, OH

I managed to cover quite a bit of ground today & didn’t get settled in behind the computer until 10pm.  Since I only had a two hour nap last night, I’m more that zonked right now.  The weather was grey & rainy pretty much all the way through PA & the first few hours of OH.  But then, there were some pretty white clouds which made for some nice photos.  The day ended with lots of rain.  This has to be the rainiest summer ever on the East Coast & Midwest. 

The dogs got a lots exercise in big green fields today.  I contemplated some swimming in the Susquehanna River for Nik & Grem but the water looked so brown (I guess from all the rain & turbulence?).  Also, I wasn’t sure how strong the current would be — better not to risk it.  Tomorrow, I have a legal doggie lakefront beach on the list.  And maybe another dog park or two.  Lots of motorcycle barking today — hot & a Saturday — so no surprise.

Despite spending at least half the day on the interstate, I got loads of photos for the blog & Flickr today.  We’ll be in Ohio for about a week with tons of stuff to shoot every day. Time for the photos — I have GOT to get to bed.

How could I resist this photo op:


Sparkle was the name of this grocery store in Youngstown, OH.  And for those of you new to this blog, Sparkle is my van’s name (that’s Fixie at the wheel).  I chose that name for based on my previous years and years of beat-up vehicles.  Although she came to me with 108,000 miles, she looked brand new inside & out.  I have never owned a white vehicle before either so this made her extra squeaky clean looking.  At this point, Sparkle has 211,000 miles and running absolutely perfectly (uh, oh, did I just jinx myself?).

The Zeiser Vault Company is located in Nescopeck, PA.  Loved this building with glazed brick, terra cotta details & brick glass.



There are a number of May’s Drive-ins in central PA — each with this style cone in varying states of upkeep:


This drive-in went by another name but certainly this is the distinctive May’s cone:


The Tenny Town Motel is in Bloomsburg, PA.  I assume there was a diferent name originally that made reference to  this giant candle.


Another couple nice signs and an art deco bank from Bloomsburg, PA:


This one looks even better at night:




The Point Drive-in is located in Danville, PA.  I love the screen’s wooden supporting:


Love the handpainted sign at Stuck Brothers Appliances in Northumberland, PA:


I’m always relieved to see this Dutch Pantry restaurant in Du Bois, PA is still open.  More about the chain here:



I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pear tree before.  Or if so, it was a small specimen.  This tree in Somewhere, Ohio was one of many that just seemed to be growing wild — no house or orchard nearby.


And so I’ll leave you for the night with this hello and goodbye from New Philadelphia, OH.  The bulbs in the rooftop sign were just starting to glow when I was passing through.  I love how the sign tilts slightly to the right.  I bet this one has been here for a hundred years.


Doggie photos tomorrow I promise!  Maybe even some food.  Today’s caloric intake was mostly coffee laden with French Vanilla creamers, some cheese, and some Sun Chips.  Not the kind of thing that you want to see photos of.  But I will get that pie for you Gale — I’m on a mission! 

I hope this post isn’t too laden with grammatical errors.  No energy to proof tonight.  See ya’ll tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Day 1: NYC to Canton, OH

  1. Old Fashion Cream Pie – A SPOT Specialty – $2.19

    Monday – Saturday 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM
    Sunday 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM

    201 South Ohio Street, Sidney, Ohio
    Phone: 937-492-9181

  2. We are on parallel trips, as we just got into Pittsburgh! Your photos have allowed me to add some Retro Roadmap places to check out on that route, we’ve never gone that way before. Will be tuning in for updates!

    • Last I looked (maybe a year ago?), the one in Clearfield, PA was still open (and still had this sign). I believe these are the only two left still operating with the name.

  3. I’m enjoying this blog but didn’t see a way to “subscribe” or “follow” it. Could just be that I haven’t had my coffee yet this morning…If you don’t mind I’ll add you to my blog list on my foot-powered dog blog Walks With Jack. You and your dogs should come up to the Keweenaw Peninsula. Lots of old signage and old mine remants as well as Lake Superior to splash around in.

    • I’m not exactly sure about “subscribing” to my blog. You’re right — there should be an RSS feed button there somewhere. And I don’t know what that address is to add it. If you just favorite the blog: that should get you to the latest. Or another trick if you want alerts — I think you can do that from Flickr. The blog photos go to this account — so you’d know that way whenever blogging is going on.

      Sage Motel

      The “serious” photos go to this account:

      De Anza Motor Lodge

      The dogs and I have been to the U.P. a couple times. I’m not so much into old mines & am partial to neon signs. Not too many up there that I’m aware of. Let me know of anything special.

  4. Ooops. Well — that’s what happens when I write these things at 2 in the morning most of the time. My fingers have gotten so used to typing “Philadelphia, PA”. I’ll fix that — thanks.

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