ready… set…

The dogs and I are leaving tonight for a month in the Midwest.  I guess that’s technically tomorrow (Saturday) since the driving doesn’t start until 3am when I get home from work.  Here’s a handy dandy map of what I have planned:

Note that this is a very generalized map and doesn’t show the extent of the zigzag-ing we’ll be doing within each state.  Judging from the towering stack of lists & maps, some or much of the later part of this trip might get scrapped if I get behind schedule.  Which I always do.  I’ll be posting here and uploading a handful of photos to Flickr each night.  I hope you’ll enjoy tagging along with us!

7 thoughts on “ready… set…

  1. oooh! Can’t wait to live vicariously through your trip! We’re heading west tomorrow too, from Phoenixville to Pittsburgh- if you’re going that way let me know!!

    • We’ll be in a parallel universe then — I’ll be way north of you (I-80). I do really need to shoot & reshoot some Philly, Pittsburgh & in between stuff one of these days. Maybe I can sneak away in the fall for a 4-day weekend? Be safe!

  2. Whoo-hoo! Just looked at your photos on flickr, looks like you got that D90 working swell! Those are some of the best photos you’ve ever shot. Detail! Color! Did Nikon fix it? Or was it just a setting you adjusted? So glad to see the happy results from your first day.

    • Glad you like the photos — means a lot coming from you! I still don’t know if it was the camera or me that was buggin’ out. I exchanged it and made a few, er um, adjustments. Like make sure the auto focus is on for BOTH the camera AND the lens. Like remove the damned polarizer filter — and the UV filter on top of it (I swear the salesman told me to use them both together). So right now, it’s just auto everything & praying for sun.

      • Glad you got it all sorted out. I wondered when you said you bought both a UV and a polarizing filter, if you were stacking them on top of one another… but I thought, “nah, she probably means she’s trying each of them in turn.” Hehe. You should keep a UV filter on it though, to protect that glass. It won’t affect color brilliance.

        I swear, your photos from today are so beautiful, I actually went to amazon to drool over the D90. I am thrilled that the camera is working so well for you. You put so much time and effort in your trips, and this roadside stuff disappears so quickly, you should record everything with the finest camera possible.

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