Day 1: NYC to Schenectady, NY

This is the trip that we were going to take last December before the crazy snowstorms hit the Northeast.  Since this is just a 10-day roadtrip, I didn’t make a trip map for you to follow along.  I wasn’t even going to do the blog this time but decided late afternoon that I would after all.  So I don’t really have many photos for you.  But I’ll be back in the swing tomorrow.

After only about 3 hours sleep last night, I made Dumb Doggie Move #1 about an hour into the trip.  After getting Nik a big run, I let him have his ballie in the van while I got the girls out to pee & stretch.  After a few minutes, I just happened to glance at the van and saw Nik outside wandering around.  I hadn’t shut the door!  His ballie had rolled out and he was looking for it — perilously close to a busy road.  Sheesh.  Tragedy averted.

Just a few hours later, I was walking the troops at the Culinary Institute.  I bent over to pick up a poop like a good citizen and in transfering the four leashes to one hand, I could feel Grem’s skinny, girlie-hot-pink leash slip from my grasp.  She noticed that lack of tension instantly.  Pedal to the metal — she bolted down the road and around a bend.  Even though we were “on campus”, there were still lots of fast-moving cars around.  I stuffed the 3 dogs in the van and started running around and screaming her name which is pointless when she’s on a freedom binge.  I quickly notified the security personnel and other people passing by.  My first guess about where she’d head was right:  a couple people spotted her snacking near some dumpsters and stepped on the leash.  I’m sure it was some fine gourmet cuisine leftovers, too.  Damn her!  I think I’ll just tie her to my body for this whole trip.

And finally, Doggie Incident #3.  While throwing squeaky Cuz toy for Nik at a pet cemetery, he discovered the adjacent property had live chickens.  I had to climb through what is probably poison ivy (find out tomorrow I guess) to get him before there was any bloodshed.  Luckily, there was high fencing around their pen on three sides and Nik hadn’t noticed the short side just yet.  Carnage and lawsuit avoided.

So, yes, all is well so far.  Traveling with the dogs is always fun as well as stressful.  Sparkle’s running great and I’m right on schedule.  Most of tomorrow will be more New York stuff and then crossing over to Canada probably afternoon.  If you don’t hear from me tomorrow night or for a few days, it’s because I’m having trouble finding internet.  

Here then are a couple photos from this afternoon.   I love the abundance of signs a the Roxy Cleaners in Troy, NY:


The Rolling Acres Pet Cemetery in Troy was a bit of a disappointment.  Granted, I’d already been to two nice ones earlier in the day.  But this one was pretty neglected with a lot of long, overgrown grave markers and not many photos or interesting inscriptions.  This little guy on a pedestal was awfully sweet though:


I promise tomorrow’s post will be less doggie-themed and more photos than talk.  Gnight.

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