Day 42: Colorado (Avon to Denver)

I found out in the morning that I wasn’t through the Rockies at all. There was still a lot more mountainous driving to do. Then, I had a bunch of stops north of Denver before I got down to the busy city stuff. I’m only about halfway through the Denver area stops so I’ll keep banging away tomorrow. There’s a big chunk of Colorado Springs stuff next in my stack so I guess I’ll go south for a bit though any sane person wouldn’t. I’m at least a day behind schedule and it’s looking like the Iowa stuff will get nixed so I can get home in time for work. Yes, I DO work for a living and it’s got nothing to do with roadside stuff or taking pictures. In fact, I’ll be working as much OT as they will allow so I can whittle away at the credit card debt that’s piled up on this trip.

Nik and Grem didn’t get off leash at all today since I discovered that Colorado is abundant in prairie dogs. Grip & Fix are only slightly interested in those dirt mounds so they got privileges. But Nik and Grem were screaming frothing pulling nightmares. I was VERY careful each time I opened the van door as I didn’t trust those possessed dogs one bit. Grem is definitely small enough to fit in their tunnels. I think the prairie dogs enjoyed tormenting the dogs with their squeaking. I saw fields with hundreds of them today.

The weather was pretty warm for a few hours (low 90s) but there was a breeze and it was still much better than it was in Central CA. I did put the A/C on when the dogs started panting. But there’s something definitely wrong as it was cooler outside the van so I turned if off. So I hope we’re done with the worst of the weather. It got grey and dark for about a half hour but then cleared up. By 5pm, there were so many clouds at the sunset horizon that it was really too dark to be shooting but I kept at it. Most of the day was gorgeous though with loads of fluffy white clouds and blue skies.

Now, on with the photos. In Loveland, this looks like it was originally an icebox gas station. Although, it’s remotely possible that it might have always been a cleaners:


The devilish creatures that made two of my dogs nuts:


A business in Englewood — that appeared to still be selling violets. Unfortunately, the other side of this sign was pretty bashed up:


A still-functioning gas station in Englewood. I haven’t seen old pumps like this in operation in a long time.


A new business and sign in Englewood:


An unusual Mission style building in Englewood:


The Smart Car dealership in Denver. I think these cars are even cuter parked in groups. Especially when they only take up half a parking spot each.


A huge, adapted sign in Denver. I’m glad this bible store kept the shape even though it’s pretty irrelevant to what they are selling. Although I guess they have painted the suggestion of a dove on this kettle.


I’m sure this one in Denver must have revolved at one time:


This guy is on the roof of Spin N Chicken in Denver. He was hard to shoot as there was apparently not enough air going into his body to get him fully upright. I’ve seen a lot of these generic flailing guys, but never a chef before.


And lastly, a couple old painted wall signs in downtown Denver on Champa St.

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