Day 41: Ogden, UT to Avon, CO

Although I did a lot of driving today, I’m still about a day behind schedule. I’m also feeling pretty weary and am tempted at times to bag it and just hit the interstate for home. But I will try to hang in there for a few more days because there’s still a lot of good stuff on my lists and who knows when I’ll make it this far west again.

I didn’t have a lot of stuff to shoot in Southeast Utah but I was glad I went a little out of my way for the stops anyway. It started pouring when I got to Green River and I had to actually stop for safety for about 20 minutes. Incredibly strong winds, torrential rain, and I was worried about flash flooding and crazy reckless drivers. Then it cleared up and I went back to work.

I drove through the Rockies in the dark. It wasn’t as scary as April’s trip during the snowstorm. Still, it was pretty nerve-wracking since it started raining and the lighting was not great. Before this leg, I had gulped down a 20 oz. SuperRev coffee (or whatever the gas station called it) because I was feeling a little drowsy and had a two and a half hour drive ahead of me. But I really didn’t need the help.

The dogs were a bit deprived today. The only water I found was at these state park situations where there were huge signs saying “NO DOGS — EVEN ON BOATS. DRINKING WATER”. Other rest areas had weird “no dogs” signs, too. But I managed to find some construction sites, etc. where they could run a bit. Some sticker balls though so everyone but Nik is being a little cautious about where they step.

On with the photos… Some nice old signs in Price, UT:


An abandoned one in the weeds:


I’m not sure what will become of this one — the building below is now vacant:


Also in Price, this building detail at a flower shop. Maybe it has always been one.


I had never been to Moab before and it was definitely worth the extra hour or so detour. In addition to the breathtaking red rocks, there is the famous and wonderfully tacky tourist attraction:

I didn’t feel the desire to take the tour of the house. I was really there to see a couple neon signs and just the spectacle of the place. There is a lot of sculptural stuff there and a petting zoo as well. I was careful not to park the dogs next to the emus or kangaroos.


Just north of the Hole in the Rock was this hillside rock formation. It looks like an animal’s head to me:


And lastly, later, taken while driving, on I-70 headed for Colorado:

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