Day 28: Coastal & Inland Northern CA

A very productive day despite it being over 100 degrees in places. There were lots of Highway 101 stops down into Santa Rosa. I think this was a more efficient route than zigzag-ing over to I-5 which was the plan. I did enough mountain treking in the past couple days and couldn’t bear it today — though that’s what my list had told me to do. I’ll have to go back & grab that portion of the trip very soon. It’s about a 5 hour drive up to Yreka from the Bay Area so I might do that at night tomorrow or the next day so as to not waste sunlight hours when I could be shooting. It’ll mean skipping the Flickr/blog portion of my evening & then catching up the next night.

The dogs got to play in a number of rivers today (the Eel, the Russian, etc.) and very dry grass (the stuff of brush fires). I had hoped to end the day with the ocean for them after my last stop way up in Sea Ranch. I went to one of the numerous “Beach Access” detours. The two barefeet symbols with the signs were very inviting. But I must have made a bad choice because part of the trail was closed (probably the one that led right to the water). So the dogs and I followed the other trail for what must’ve been two miles and there was STILL no beach access. These were the kind of cliffs you couldn’t cheat on — super steep and leading directly to water not sand. So we had to turn around. Grem & Nik were pretty exhausted from pulling me the whole way on leash anyway. Grip & Fixie had a good time being free since they are the well-behaved members of the family that do pay attention to my whereabouts. Although it could have been disastrous since, almost back to the van, I could see wild turkeys and DEER above the grass and the dogs’ eyesight — only about 100 feet away. That would’ve been an awful and scary sunset adventure getting them back if they took off after wildlife.

Whew! I was really long-winded last night — well, SOME of you are interested in the doggie portion of this trip anyway. On with the photos!

Lots of redwood-related roadside attractions up in the PNW. I don’t know if this Redwood Tree House is still open. It was too early for me to really tell. There were two doors in the base — one looked pretty permanently closed:


Cement figures on the side of the road just south of Willits gave me a chance to test Sparkle’s brakes:


The Ukiah Saw Shop is now vacant. I hope this building will survive all the development going on around it. I don’t know anything about this building which is embedded with various sized rocks:


I stopped at the Solar Living Institute — mostly to check out their unique hand-carved, solar-powered carousel. But there were lots of other eye-catching things. Wish I’d had more time to investigate the place. This huge neat thing sprayed water below and had a fountain underneath. I’m sure it was all recycled water and solar-powered. A very good thing in this part of the country. I think it was 101 degrees and not even noon.


Canopies of grapes around the place — this is Mendocino County after all — wine country:


This incredible statue stands near the entrance:


I had a chance to check out the “weird restrooms” while I was there:


The sign said the doors were made from recycled prescription bottles:


A bit more about the place and what you can do to lessen your impact on the earth:


In stark contrast, I witnessed landscaped of toppled trees everywhere. It was very sad and shocking — like looking at dead bodies:


There was lots of artwork in Santa Rosa and Sebastopol to cheer me up. A goofy cow in the middle of a real cow pasture:


A huge doggie in front of the Sonoma County Humane Society. It looks like he might have been mostly built from an Airstream trailer?


A fun fishy dude. There was lots of public artwork in Sebastopol — I think mostly from this same artist.


The Sebastopol Foster’s Freeze was incredible: a vintage stand with intact signage. I think the nicest one I’ve ever seen. So I had to patronize. This was a “dipped half and half” (half chocolate & vanilla with chocolate coating). I had to snap this quickly before the whole thing disintegrated. Dinner! And a good choice for such a hot day.

4 thoughts on “Day 28: Coastal & Inland Northern CA

  1. What a wild and varied trip you’re having. The highlight of the Solar Living institute is great, and even more so with the images and descriptions of all of those trees. Man.
    And yes, *I* love the dog posts, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks it’s hilarious to hear that Grip and Fix are the “well behaved” ones……baw haw.

  2. Thanks — I’m glad you don’t mind the doggie chatter. Another person wrote me privately to say that’s his favorite part. So maybe I’ll even start photo-ing the buggers more.

    I guess “bad behavior” is all relative in doggie evaluation. I used to think Grip was such a problem-child but she’s a piece of cake compared to Grem. Nik looks positively obedient and predictable compared to her.

  3. i had a chic-o-stick in your honor today, debra jane — it was in the lobby newstand at work and i saw it and thought of you! keep up the pictures of treats (as well as the stories and pictures of the dogs)! xoxo erika

  4. I guess they are so skinny and drab looking that I never noticed them in New York before.

    I will keep the updates coming– if I ever get back rolling and on-line. About to post a blog re: yesterday’s breakdown — and to top it off, now some computer problems.

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