Day 27: Coastal Oregon & California

The coastline of southern Oregon & northern California is quite spectacular. Gorgeous trees including giant redwoods, gigantic lava-like rocks in the water, beautiful dunes. I couldn’t help myself and indulged the dogs in beach runs more times than I can count. Boy, are they tired tonight! Of course tomorrow morning, it’ll be like nothing happened — back to zero.


Early in the day, I went to Myrtle Point, OR to see the Muffler Man. He stands next to the Logging Museum which is housed in a very interesting building. It was evidently originally built as a Mormon church. However, because of its round shape, there was “acoustical chaos”. The woman working at the museum demonstrated by going to a far corner and, talking softly, it sounded like she was right next to me. This model of the church gives you a better idea of its unusual shape. This link gives more info:


There were some other neat things inside the museum, including this cute Paul Bunyan & Babe (about a foot tall) and some incredible carved out logs.


Coastal OR and Northern CA is logging country so it’s no surprise that there are a lot of tributes to Paul Bunyan and the industry itself. I had wanted to see the giant Paul & Babe in Klamath, CA for decades. They were even bigger than I imagined and so nicely maintained. There was a little cabinet with vintage collectibles inside the gift shop . I think this piece was a mock-up for Paul’s construction.


But what really gave me pause were these cute stuffed Pauls. But I know he would have had a short life with the dogs around if I had gotten one.


And, lastly, what would a posting be without a photo of at least one sign? This one comes from Trinidad, CA. I can’t tell how old it is. The larger square portion appears to be painted plywood at this point. However, the ducks might be painted metel. I like the illusion of flight created by the one duck on a metal stick.

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