Day 15: More New Mexico

Another beautiful and productive day. Late in the afternoon, I even found a bona fide doggie park in Albuquerque to cap things for them. Big and well-fenced so Grem got to be FREE of her long-line and play with the big local dogs and run like the wind. Fixie found new humans to pet her and coo over her. Grip retrieved a few balls but mostly sniffed and hunted for crumbs. Nik & I played ballie til he had to lie down in a puddle of water.

Late now — so let’s move right along.

A couple neat cleaners & laundry signs today — this one in Portales (I would’ve shot it from the other side to avoid the sun but it didn’t have any colored paint):


This one in Clovis. I’ve never seen such a big laundromat sign!


Both Portales and Clovis have F-111 bombers as their town mascots. Wow. I’m certainly no expert on aircraft but I assume this is some sort of precursor to today’s Stealth Bomber. This is the one in Portales:


Sutton’s Bakery in Clovis is a sweet little place, literally. I uploaded an exterior shot over at Flickr tonight. But what’s inside is actually more interesting. They have wonderful cake decoration display suggestions. Here are a couple:


and I had to get a dozen of what seems to be one of their specialties: thumbprint cookies. They come in about 12 different colors (I was told they weren’t different flavors, except the chocolate, which is of course what I got).


Everywhere I go on this trip, I see these great little drive-up motor banks (no such thing in NYC). This is a pretty nice mid-century example from Clovis:


Now, for some more signs. Here’s an almost unidentifiable one in Clovis:


These neon K-Mart signs used to be everywhere but are now pretty rare:


At the end of the day in Socorro, I came across this nicely unrestored painted Owl Cigar sign. The last photo is taken from the other side of the building (into the sun, sorry) which also shows a Bull Durham ad.

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