Day 14: Onward to New Mexico

I finished up about a dozen stops in El Paso & finally moved on to New Mexico. The weather was glorious and I’ve got lots of blue skies and puffy white clouds in today’s photos. Even though it wasn’t that hot today, it felt so dry. I had to play ballie with Nik on pavement and gravel. Any time I found what looked like grass, it would be full of stickers and he’d run 10 feet and start to hobble. Even Grip who HATES her feet touched is happy to let me help her out with sticker removal. Looking forward to California grass!

No tickets or other incidents to report so let’s move on to the photos.

A detective agency that really takes itself seriously in El Paso:


This was really hard to photo so it will be my art-y shot of the day. Jack Key Motor Co., a car dealership in Las Cruces, uses these giant strings of balloons to catch motorists’ attention. It’s a clever idea because you really can’t help but notice them and they probably can’t be regulated as signage.


Time for a snack in Las Cruces. Caliches frozen custard is non-fat, non-dairy and tastes just fine. I had the chocolate with walnuts and bananas (my two favorite toppings).


Ruidoso was quite a change from the desert I’ve been in for the past few days. Pine trees and chilly. Even some snow visible on the mountains just above town. This chalet-like Shell gas station is pretty neat.


Also in Ruidoso, this mariachi guy was on the roof of Chileo’s Mexican Restaurant. I’d say he was close to life-sized:


I’ve seen a few of these Southwest style water machines since crossing the border into NM. This one was in Roswell:


Yes, Roswell. I came for the neon signs and a few other things I swear! But, hey, if one of these souvenir shops had been open when I got here, I’m sure I would’ve been tempted to pick up a few alien items.

A Honda dealer:




OK, just one more sign for good measure. The Mayo Motel sign in Roswell is all plastic and boring now but they at least kept this little diving woman & pool detail:

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