Day 6: Northeast Texas

A very productive and sunny day today! I felt so bad last night leaving Sparkle outside in the freezing rain and snow esp. after all the hellish driving I’ve been putting her through each day. This was the view from the toasty warm hotel room.


The snowstorm turned out to be no big deal. Maybe an inch here and there in Greenville. Once we got a bit further north, there were maybe 2-3 inches. However, it must have been a bad night to be driving as I saw maybe a hundred cars throughout the day abandoned on the highways. Why they didn’t get towed I don’t know. Not accidents, just stuck on grassy shoulders, some turned the wrong way. It was kind of eerie.


Here’s Gremlin’s new favorite sofa. Nik doesn’t seem to mind.


Here’s an interesting midcentury church — not nice enough for my website but I had to photo it anyway. Reminds me of origami.


As I was making a 5-point-turn in the the church parking lot (Sparkle’s not particuarly good in tight places), the guy who I assumed to be the preacher came out to lock up and go. He waved to me. Everyone is so friendly here in TX. More so than I remember anywhere else. Everyone you pass says good morning, how you doin, etc. The EZ-Mart cashier called me hon. Their attitude and the sun made it an especially positive day.

I am far from an artist but I have found it’s one of the best ways to find something when I’ve got a bum address (or none at all). The convenience store clerk had no idea what I was looking for when I was describing the spaceship house, UFO house… but when I did my Futuro sketch on a business card, she knew instantly where it was. For comparison purposes:


The kids contribute their own artwork to our trips:


I needed to see the Gainesville Muffler Men since another Big John was added after my last visit. While I was there, Glen Goode came out & insisted on taking my picture with the giants. So I have a family portrait for you here: me with two dogs in my arms and two on the ground. Now you probably think I’m two feet tall and my dogs are 2″ tall next to these giants.


So I insisted on getting a photo of Glenn Goode as well — he’s the guy who restored these giant statues.


I had so many stellar things to photo today that I really didn’t take many “filler” photos. I do have this one plastic sign for you though. I haven’t seen this rocket-style spark plug before.

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