Day 5: Arkansas & (finally) Texas

It was brutal today. It POURED, all day, every minute, torrential. It was challenging, no, ridiculous, trying to take photos today. But I did what I could. The results aren’t too shabby but if you look closely, you’ll see little lines of rain and puddles on the ground. I didn’t have raingear so I would get soaked every time I got out of the car. Constantly drying off the poor camera. And now, just an hour east of Dallas, TX in Greenville, at 11:30pm, it’s snowing! Swirling huge flakes for hours now but the ground temperature so far is too warm to stick. Supposedly, there will be sun tomorrow.

Since I got a sense of the lousy weather early, I decided to hit some more things in Arkansas on my “so-so list”. Those are things that I would not ordinarily go out of my way to see unless I have time (which normally never happens). The stuff in NE TX that I want to shoot would be nice to get in the sun so I deliberately let myself fall a day behind schedule in hopes of better conditions. And as it turned out, it was fun to spend more time in Arkansas after all and I got plenty of worthwhile stuff.

Here are some of today’s sights.

I don’t know what this type of farm equipment is called — threshers? — but they are very visually pleasing:


Texarkana is great fun. Half Texas, Half Arkansas. Lots of nice signs and a variety of architecture. This one is on the Arkansas side of Stateline Avenue:


This place is on the Texas side of town. When is someone at Flickr going to start a Bail Bonds Signs group?


This building has some nice old world touches. Sorry about the rain smear over “Chicks”.


Not quite worthy of my website — but deserving honorable mention — although many folks would deem these mid-century buildings ghastly.

a bank from Texarkana, AR (note the cars are lined up from the tellers stationed in booths beneath the building; and a cool spiral staircase in a glass box)

a former “Motor Bank” from Magnolia, AR


a fun plastic facade in Clarksville, TX:


Some other misc. stuff.

An Egyptian Revival Masonic Temple in El Dorado, AR:


Oil discoveries in the 1920s transformed El Dorado into a boomtown,_Arkansas


Some building re-uses are better than others. This one in Paris, TX is particularly gruesome:

2 thoughts on “Day 5: Arkansas & (finally) Texas

  1. Hey Debra Jane,

    Enjoying the updates and following along. Hope the weather turns around for you. Pretty nice out here on the West Coast so good things ahead weather-wise.

  2. Thanks! I take requests if there’s stuff you’d like to see more of (dogs, food, buildings, signs, landscapes…). I checked the weather this morning: 31 in Dallas, 51 in NYC. Not fair! But it’s warmer and more normal now — 50s today, 40s tonight A-N-D: the sun came out!! Hopefully, some prettier photos for awhile.

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