Day 1: DE, MD, DC, VA

This southern trip started off with a nice mix of planned destinations and surprises — and the weather was absolutely perfect. The “kids” got lots of time to romp in the marshes and Fixie found a dead possum to roll on. Great.

The only negative thing was that I discovered that the credit card that I usually use for roadtrips (gas rebates!) was blocked. Someone had stolen the number and gone on a shopping spree at a Wal-Mart in Georgia. I have no idea how this person got my number but the credit card company canceled the charges and my card. Luckily, I have a another credit card with me. My darling “Sparkle” is a bit of a gas-guzzler but she’s so worth it.

Let’s move on to the photos, shall we?

The former National Bohemian Brewery in Baltimore has been nicely restored/reused for various businesses. Each of the buildings has been renamed something lager-like and has these sweet bottle cap signs.


I have always loved these sixties-looking lights. They might even be used-car-lot-specific since that’s where I’ve always seen them. They look a lot like giant blueberries. This example is from Brooklyn Park, MD. I wonder if they are still lit at night?


There are statues on nearly every block in downtown DC but this one caught my eye. This guy with the unusual pose (agonizing over a book) is installed in front of the Croatian Embassy. Here are some more views of St. Jerome the Priest who is credited with being the first person to translate the Bible from Hebrew into Latin.


OK, here’s my artsy photo for the day. There are so many great mid-century buildings in the DC area. If you’re into poured concrete, it’s worth battling it out with all the other tourists that are there to see the Jefferson Memorial, White House & all that. This office building is in Arlington, VA. I love the criss-crossing lines of the stairways and overhead walkway against the building. And, yes, that wonderfully sturdy concrete post.


This country market in Lyells, VA is probably as old as the earth. I can imagine hitching posts for the horses where the former gas pump island is. The woman coming out the front door said they are going to be “re-doing” it soon. Too bad — it’s so nice just the way it is.


More Virginia stuff for the next couple days before heading gradually onward to Louisiana.

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