July Trip Addendum

The good new: the corrupted camera memory cards were 99% restored. So I have a few more blog photos to share that were taken back on that fourth day of the trip that were nearly lost.

Remembering back, yes, it was very hot and the van’s A/C was on the fritz. Here are some shots of Fixie and I modeling the latest summer fashions (wet towels):


The deer at Deer Forest in Coloma, MI wouldn’t budge from the shade:


Although the goats couldn’t help themselves with their obsessive-compulsive need to climb:


One more self-portrait, sans towel. I’ve always hated having my picture taken but now that I’m turning 50, I’m starting not to care. This was taken at Deer Forest in the wonderfully original 1950s cabin-like women’s bathroom. Love the mirror detail.


A few old plastic signs caught my eye in Michigan. I’m not usually into the running chickens and pigs being a vegetarian and all but these are pretty cute.


Is this the human equivalent of a dog rolling in something stinky?


And lastly, a nature shot. I’d never seen blueberry bushes before. Taken somewhere near Hickory Corners, MI:


More photos & blogging in October when the dogs & I head South.

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