Day 11: Last Day in Wisconsin

I traveled hard today and got through a long list of places today. I’m going to sneak in a day of Minneapolis/St. Paul tomorrow. Then I’ll try to hit a few places in IA & IL on the way home the next day.

The only glitch might be the mysterious noise that is happening with the van. At about 20mph you can hear this faint sound that almost sounds like a flat tire. A faint thunk-thunk-thunk. At higher speeds it either goes away or is at such a higher rpm that you can’t hear it. The tires all look fine. I’m thinking it might be a bearing of some sort? The noise started yesterday afternoon and continued all day — not getting any worse. I decided that since today was Sunday and no auto repair places were open, I’d just keep an ear out and be prepared for disaster. But, luckily, nothing happened after many hundreds of miles. So tomorrow morning I’ll get it looked at and hopefully not lose a full day of shooting.

OK – on with the photos!

This is what a lot of WI looks like:


Today’s regional junk food taste-test: the packaging looked a little scary but it was quite good:


Chippewa Falls has a lot of these either restored or replica (I’m not sure which) wall signs:


I’ve gotten attached to this little guy — seems like every town in Wisconsin has a Hank Hardware store:

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