Day 10: Still More Wisconsin

I took tons of photos today and covered a lot of ground. Got to a good part of the northern Wisconsin stuff on my list. One more day and that will be about all I can manage before starting the journey home. I have four more days left on this trip before I have to be back at work.

We started the day out with a nice romp at a Wisconsin “dog area” in Manitowoc. I don’t know if it’s the hunting lobby that needs to exercise their working dogs or if this state is just dog-friendly but there seems to be a lot of these places. Here’s a great website for finding off-leash dog places all over the country:


From Green Bay, here’s another nice detail from a former car showroom (the building itself was a big brick — nothing interesting otherwise):


I will admit, when no homemade ice cream is available, a Peanut Buster from Dairy Queen does me just fine. I love their photo-realist billboards:


Speaking of junk food, here’s a new find for me today. Seems to be a Wisconsin thing — cheesecake on a stick! It was quite good and I might try to find another one before I leave the state.


A sad sight today — an abandoned mini golf south of Birnamwood, WI:


A nicely restored oil truck seems to be on regular display at the Shell station in Antigo:


I love the anal-retentiveness of these giant labeled travel map signs:


This was almost tempting enough to stick around Manitowish Waters for. I’d love to see a skiing skeeter!

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