Day 8: Tennessee (Part IV)

The last day in Tennessee and it was a killer. Finished up a few odds & ends in Arkansas first and then spent about seven intense hours driving around Memphis hunting down everything on my list. Easily 100 places. The skies were glorious but the sun was almost too bright and caused some wash-out problems when I had to shoot in its direction. I saw a bank clock (why is it that banks are the ones that have clocks anyway?) in the late afternoon that said 82 so it must’ve been hotter than that. No wonder the dogs and I were panting — quite a changes from the 20s I left back in NYC a week ago.

Highlights: Joe’s Liquors spinning sputnik sign is nothing short of mesmerizing. Memphis is loaded with neon both old and new. Wish I had the energy to go shooting at night. Someday.

Disappointments: Memphis’ giant shoe is most definitely gone.


This interesting structure on Elvis Presley Blvd. in Memphis was most recently as a used car lot office. I’d love to know what it was originally.


A nice little midcentury bank on Elvis Presley Blvd., now a Bank of America, not quite good enough for the website:


This cute guy is part of a sign in downtown Memphis. I call him the “Money Man”. I don’t know how long he’s been here.


And lastly, a couple little midcentury details from Memphis buildings.

The first photo from “Nagasaki” a Japanese steak house. There were these intersecting corner beams all over the place. In this corner, there was a little fountain. I doubt Nagasaki was the original occupant. Does anyone know more about this place?

The second photo is just a random office building. Very honeycomb-like — appropriate for worker bees.

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