Day 7: Tennessee part III

Today was spent mostly on the backroads of northwest TN. The morning started out with rain but that quickly passed.

Highlights: Lots of nice old Greyhound stations today. Whoever allowed the Greyhound in Dyersberg to become a Domino’s Pizza should be run out of office. At least the building is in great shape (though the interior’s all gone). I was thrilled to see both the Greyhound and the Kress Building in Blytheville, AR are being restored simultaneously.

Disappointments: The giant Big John in Dyersburg has been gone at least 20 years. I checked out lots of theatres for a flickr pal, Jack Coursey, and found most of them to be missing or depressingly stripped.


This good-sized motor court, now the Courtland Square Apartments, must have been wonderful in its prime. Lots of detail still left.


Across the street from the Kress building in downtown Blytheville, AR is this wonderful threesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen three buildings in a row faced with vitrolite glass.


And just down the block, though not my era, is this very nice bank.


This nice welcome arch on Highway 61 at the MO/AR border has “Entering Missouri” on one side, “Entering Arkansas” on the other.


I’ve been seeing these trees that I don’t think exist in the Northeast. I call them “Cousin It” trees but does anyone know what they’re really called?


Spring has definitely sprung here in Tennessee.


Lastly, I leave you with this strange bird phenomenon that I’ve observed quite a few times in different areas of the country. Last night, I saw it again. Hundreds of starlings (I think they’re starlings anyway) fly crazily and land in trees and yack at the top of their lungs. Are they recounting their day to each other? Just what is going on?

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