Website Updating: Signs (Part 4 of many…)

Still about 150 pages to go for this section but here’s some more news.

This bar in Chelsea, MI closed in 2019 and the sign is gone now:

The Moose Lodge in Hibbing, MN

was destroyed by a fire in 2020. However, the sign was moved to the ground on the side of the street where the building was. The lot seems to be in use as the “Moose Event Center” now:

The Maplewood Wine Cellar in Maplewood, MN building and sign are gone now:

This sign in Motley, MN is gone now:

The Dari-ette Drive-in in St. Paul, MN closed in 2020:

The neon has been removed and the sign has been painted over:

This sign on the left in Chillicothe, MO is gone now:

This sign in Independence, MO is gone now. The motel was demolished for a combo coffee & car wash place:

The sign originally had a nice horse and rider detail, a AAA logo, and lower neon panel:

This sign in Kansas City, MO is gone now:

The text panels on the sign at the same place:

have been painted black and the neon removed:

This sign in Mount Olive, NC is gone now:

This summer, the Pink Motel sign in Cherokee, NC was replicated. It looks pretty nice! The “Cable TV Pool” on the lower panel seems to be gone now. The Google car hasn’t been there yet but I managed to find this photo here:

Back soon with more!

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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